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Thornton Athletic History

Get to know more about Thornton Academy's athletic history, which stretches back to the school's founding over 200 years ago.

The individuals in our Athletic Hall of Fame are record-holders in a specific athletic event, have been recognized by local, state and/or regional athletic authorities, and/or demonstrate outstanding performance in a school sport.

Perhaps the best-known interscholastic rivalry in the school's history is our "Battle of the Bridge," a game that still takes place each fall. This annual football game between TA and Biddeford High School is a highly anticipated local event. The first was played in 1893.

Beginning in 2009-10, a new tradition in Thornton's history began. Thornton Academy and Biddeford High School will compete for the Wilson-Agreste trophy, named for former ADs Donald Wilson (BHS) and Richard Agreste (TA). Read more about the trophy by clicking here.
TA Athletes Through the Years