Thornton Academy Students Complete Weatherization Project To Help Prepare Community Members For Winter
Posted 11/23/2014 05:30PM

A few classes of students at Thornton Academy have been hard at work constructing storm windows to support local families through the Keep York County Warm! program, which is a collaboration between Habitat For Humanity and the United Way. Biddeford High School put together the frames and TA students used plastic sheets, double-sided tape, and blow dryers to seal the frames. This project was an opportunity for hands-on learning, which required team communication, measuring skills, learning to anticipate steps of a process, and instilled the students with pride and workmanship. Thornton Academy continually reaches out to the greater Saco community through many service-oriented projects and these storm windows will help York County families keep warm this winter.

Ali Simpson, the Weatherization Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity in York County explained, "The work Thornton Academy students have accomplished in such a short time truly helps to improve the lives of homeowners. The beneficiaries of Keep York County Warm! are often on fixed incomes or suffer from advancing age and other disabilities, and all of them struggle with paying their energy bills on top of everything else. By completing the storm window inserts, TA students have made a positive impact on the lives of York County’s most vulnerable residents. A few homeowners have called to thank us and say that the windows and weatherization work have made a big difference already!"

Top left photo: Frank LaCascia ‘17, Matt Collard ‘17, Steven Field ‘15, Eric Profenno ‘15.

Top right photo: Kayla Beaulieu ‘15, Corey Dumbrocyo ‘17, Amanda Gurecki ‘17, Scotty Mills ‘16, and Tyler Hannah ’15.

Bottom left photo: Anna Wyman ‘16.

Bottom right photo: Faithe Boyne ’17.