Thornton Academy's Board of Trustees

In the back row from left to right are Mark Willett ’65, Kenneth Janson ’72, , Dennis Flaherty, Eric A. Purvis ’81, William S. Kany ’77, Paul Remmes, and Bernard Gaines ’65. In the front row from left to right are Kathy Boutet Santamore’80, Stephen Garland '64, James Nelson ’67, Joyce D. Haley ’75 and Vangel Cotsis ’85. Not pictured are Earle Cianchette, Brian Dallaire ’75, Phil Fearon '70, Robert Gowen, Jeanne Hey, Bill Johnson and Karen Lovell.

Since 1811, the Thornton Academy Board of Trustees has demonstrated exemplary leadership, generous philanthropic support and meaningful commitment on behalf of its students and community. Below you can view the names of our Trustees throughout Thornton's history and the names of our Board Presidents since 1889.

Current Board of Trustees Members

Mr. Earle Cianchette

Mr. Vangel Cotsis '85

Dr. Brian Dallaire '75

Mr. Philip Fearon '70

Mr. Dennis Flaherty

Mr. Bernard Gaines '65

Mr. Robert Gowen

Ms. Joyce D. Haley '75

Dr. Jeanne Hey

Mr. Kenneth Janson '72

Mr. William Johnson

Mr. William S. Kany '77

Mrs. Karen Lovell

Mr. James Nelson '67

Mr. Eric A. Purvis '81, President

Dr. Paul Remmes

Mrs. Kathy Boutet Santamore '80

Mr. Mark Willett '65

Founding Board of Trustees, 1811

Foxwell Cutts

Hon. Richard Cutts

Col. Thomas Cutts                        

Daniel Granger

James Gray

Capt. Samuel Hartley

Capt. Icabod Jordan

Cyrus King

Joseph Leland

Col. William Moody           

Dr. Richard Cutts Shannon

Maj. John Spring            

Dr. Thomas G. Thornton

Jonathan Tucker

Board of Trustees Appointed 1812 - 1889

Dr. John A. Berry

John C. Bradbury

Capt. Moses Bradbury

Samuel Bradley

George F. Calef

Josiah Calef

John Chadwick

Richard M. Chapman

Daniel Cleaves

Rev. Jonathan Cogswell

Thomas Cutts

Joseph Dane

Dr. Ezra Dean

Joseph G. Deering

Edward Eastman

George A. Emery

Moses Emery

Hampden Fairfield

Sen & Gov. John Fairfield

John W. Fairfield

Seth S. Fairfield

Ira H. Foss

Amos G. Goodwin

Calvin F. Gordon

Dr. Henry B.C. Greene

Col. Reuben H. Greene

Benjamin F. Hamilton

Richard F.C. Hartley

Joseph M. Hayes

Thomas M. Hayes

Joseph Hobson

Rev. Samuel Hopkins

Rev. Samuel Johnson

Jonathan King

Samuel Moody

Eustis P. Morgan

Rufus Nichols

Franklin Nourse

Dr. George Packard

Sumner C. Parcher

Edmund Perkins

Phineas Pratt

Andrew Scamman

Seth Scamman

Tristram Scamman

Seth Storer, Jr.

Cornelius Sweetser

Henry S. Thacher

Samuel P.S. Thacher

George Thacher, Jr.

Gideon Tucker

Charles Twambley

Samuel White

Board of Trustees Appointed 1890 - 1979

Lloyd M. Anderson

Lindley Binford

Edmond E. Blake

Berrnard C. Brown

John E. Burnham

George A. Carter

John S. Chafee

Franklin R. Chesley

Cecil F. Clark

Sumner P. Clark

Charles R. Cote

Abram E. Cutter

Frank C. Deering

John P. Deering

Joseph G. Deering

Neil M. Dow                        

Charles W. Fenderson

Lloyd B. Fenderson

Sara Polakewich Fink                       

Harry Parsons Garland

James G. Garland

Laurence S. Garland

Harry P. Garland II

Joseph A. Grondin                        

C. Wallace Harmon

George S. Hawkes

Prof. Paul V. Hazelton

John L. Hewes            

Dr. Paul S. Hill, Jr.                        

Roland W. Libby                        

William S. Linnell                         

Frederic A. Lord                        

Hartley Lord                        

George S. Love                        

Constantine D. Mboria                        

Robert McArthur                        

John Milliken            

Dr. Edgar Minot                          

Luther R. Moore                       

Augustus F. Moulton

Oliver Howe Moulton

James E. Nelson *

Daniel E. Owen

Frank L. Palmer

Walter Perkins

Dr. Stephen Polackwich

Charles Prescott

Kevin P. Savage

Myron A. Savage

Harry S. Sawyer

Richard C. Shannon

Roger Sherman

Emily M. Smith

Lyman Smith

Philip P. Snow

Harold J. Staples

Laurence H. Staples

J. Burton Stride

Joseph W. Symonds

Annie Calef Thornton

Col. Charles Cutts Gookin Thornton

Mary Calef Thornton

Joseph Vachon

W. Lloyd Walker

William L. Walker

Robert H. Warner, Sr.

Howard R. Whitehead

Dinsmore Worthing

Board of Trustees Appointed 1980 - 2008

Glenn R. Anderson

Vangel C. Cotsis *

Dr. Brian K. Dallaire *

Philip D. Fearon *

Joan R. Fink

Dennis J. Flaherty *

Mark L. Friedman

Bernard W. Gaines *

Ann B. Garland

Stephen B. Garland *

Robert P. Gowen *

Joyce Haley-Martin  *

Dr. John Hoyt

Leonard A. Hurrell

Kenneth Janson *

William D. Johnson *

James J. Jordan

William S. Kany *

Karen B. Lovell *

Alan Lukas

David McNabb

Jane Walker Nutting

Stephen J. Podgajny

Clifford A. Purvis

Eric A. Purvis *

Dr. Paul F. Remmes *

Kevin Robert

Kathleen Boutet Santamore *

Charles Snow

Dr. Carl P. Spirito

Rennie Topham

Joan Vachon Victor *

Dr. James C. Waterhouse

Mark G. Willett *

* Indicates Current Trustee

Board Presidents Since 1889

Benjamin F. Hamilton, Esq. 1882-1891

Hampden Fairfield, Esq. 1891-1892

Joseph W. Symonds, Esq. 1892-1919

Augustus F. Moulton, Esq. 1919-1933

John P. Deering, Esq. 1933-1946

William S. Linnell, Esq. 1947-1968

Paul S. Hill, Jr., M.D. 1968-1979

Harry P. Garland 1979-1985

James E. Nelson 1986-2009

Eric Purvis 2009-Present

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