Technology at Thornton Academy

Thornton Academy continually renovates the infrastructure of its historic campus and reviews its curriculum to provide our students with the most technologically-advanced preparation for 21st century careers.

The Engineering Lab is an excellent example of how Thornton Academy retrofits spaces to match current teaching initiatives. Room 55 used to be a lecture hall, but in the summer of 2013 the lecture hall was gutted, its banked seating removed, and the room rebuilt into a Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM) Laboratory.

 The design of the Engineering Lab supports the “guide on the side” style of teaching. Students in Everyday Engineering, Honors Engineering, and Applied Math and Science classes have the opportunity for hands-on creative innovation and design-testing experiences, exactly the skills expected of 21st Century workers.

1:1 iPad Initiative

We will distribute iPads to students at the beginning of the school year in September. It is important that all students have an Apple ID on the first day of school.

While students may use their personal Apple ID, there are several situations in which a new Apple ID must be created:
1. If your student’s Apple ID is shared with another person.
2. If your student doesn’t know the username or password of their Apple ID.
3. If your Apple ID was created in another country.
4. If your student doesn’t feel comfortable with putting their Apple ID on a school device.

The process for students to create an Apple ID does NOT require a credit card. However, some parents may want to remove their credit card from their student's existing Apple ID. This is very easy to do. We will provide your student with step-by-step information on how to correctly create Apple IDs without a credit card. Students may also seek the help of our faculty and Technology Department to complete this task.

iPad News
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Technology Trends, Tips, Tools With Amanda Doyle

Amanda Doyle is a Technology Integration Specialist at TA, working with teachers to support the use of technology in the classroom. She blogs about the latest and greatest news from the tech world. 

Check out her TA Technology Integration blog feed below:

Thornton Academy Technology Integration Blog
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New Media Center
New Media Classrooms

The modern Arts & New Media Center hosts five new classrooms. The space offers a brightly-lit, welcoming area where courses like Music Technology, Game Design Development, Technical Writing in an iPad World, and Video Production are taught.

Classrooms integrate the latest technology–from computers to tablets to video cameras. The Professional Development and Support Center provides faculty instruction in iPad applications, as TA launches a 1:1 iPad program beginning in Fall 2014.

Learn about our STEM Initiative


Since the year 2000, TATV has been managed by a team of student leaders who have a passion for creative video work and for broadcast journalism, under the guidance of teacher and video professional Jeff Christenbury. TATV receives content for airing from the TV Production, Advanced TV Production and Honors TATV Studio classes, TA's Communications Department, the City of Saco, and non-profit organizations that have educational content to share. You may watch TATV in the following ways:

General Manager Information: 
Jeff Christenbury

Thornton Academy TV Live Stream

TATV is now able to Live Stream events! Watch TA on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Check out our channel at:


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