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Thornton Academy TV

Thornton Academy TV Live Stream
Welcome to TATV's Streaming Page! Here you can watch Thornton Academy TV live on the web. Please click below for some archived programming, and we hope you enjoy!

Check out Thornton Academy TV's YouTube channel to view recent and archived videos

At the stroke of midnight that started the 21st Century, Thornton Academy TV, Channel 3, Saco, Maine was launched. As Saco did not have a PEG cable committee to set up a public access channel, an educational channel, or an government/civic organization channel, it was up to the students of Thornton Academy to lead Saco into the 21st Century!

Now in its 13th year of operation, TATV is managed by a team of student leaders who have a passion for creative video work and for broadcast journalism. The TATV leadership works with a student staff. TATV receives content for airing from the TV Production, Advanced TV Production and Honors TATV Studio classes, the City of Saco, and non-profit organizations that have educational content to share.

Please visit our YouTube Channel at!

General Manager Information:
Jeff Christenbury
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