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Elizabeth Wiles

Spanish Teacher

Clint Williams

Director of Enrollment

Jennifer Witherell-Stebbins

Arts Department Chair, Performing Arts Teacher

Rebecca Wittman

Educational Technician

Gordon Workman

Educational Technician

Frank Zayac

Dorm Head

Shiyun Zhao

International Development Associate
< 1 27 28 29 showing 225 - 231 of 231 constituents

Dan Frost: Teacher of the Year 2019

Thornton Academy’s Teacher of the Year for 2019, Dan Frost, brings outside experiences into the classroom from as far away as Svalbard (near the North Pole) and the Canadian Arctic. Frost has been an educator for 13 years. Prior to joining Thornton Academy’s faculty in 2013, he taught at Carrabassett Valley Academy. Throughout his career, Frost has taught various math and science classes. This year he is instructing Honors Physical Science, Biology, and Physics.

"In college, I realized I was serving as a teacher's assistant in every geology class I could get into," science teacher Frost said, reflecting on how he traveled the path to become an educator. “I said ‘you know what, maybe there’s a reason I’m doing this,’ and I decided to go into teaching full-time.”

As an active member of the science community, Frost stays connected to research groups and conducts labs at the college level, including at his alma mater Bates College. He also creates and runs teacher workshops on how to give students hands-on learning experiences.