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2019 Graduate Spotlights: Jacob Lamontagne and Ashley Gonzalez


Jacob Lamontagne is known around campus and in the community for his passion about all things news media. Jacob has worked closely with TATV and "Carpe Diem," assisted with live streaming events and games, been published in local newspapers, and even created and directed original video content, including the popular TATV series, “Last Week at TA.”


Favorite Spot on the TA Campus & Why?
“The Studio of FA141. I have great memories of working with my friends in that room over the past 4 years. Not only did we have fun, but we used amazing equipment.”

Want to know more about how TATV has changed through the years? Read Jacob’s article that dives into its transition from Channel 3 to live-stream.


What You're Most Proud of / Favorite Project?
"S.K.E. 2, a trailer my friends and I made for our final project for the movie making class we took last semester."

Check out some of Jacob’s work on Carpe Diem and his work found in the Journal Tribune.


Good luck Jacob, we know you’ll continue to WOW us with everything you create!



Ashley Gonzalez, Washington, D.C. native, excels in all things STEM—and so much more! Ms. Gonzalez acted as Thornton Academy liaison for the 2018 Angus King U.S. Senate Campaign, volunteered for state senator Justin Chenette's campaigns, founded the ABC KIDS program at Dyer Library, and served as President of both the Science Club and Interact Club. Following graduation in June she sees herself pursuing studies in the medical field, helping people in need, and advocating for human rights.


Most-loved Thornton Academy Traditions & Memories? Why?
"One of my favorite memories was collecting money with my local and international friends to surprise our AP Calculus teacher, Mr. Snyder, with a new computer to express our sincere gratitude on the last day of my junior year."


Favorite Class, Teacher, or Extra-Curricular?
"I love all my classes in the STEM center. For example, my AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, and Honors Physics classes are in great locations of the science/math wing. There are projectors for lectures, enough space and proper equipment to conduct group labs, and simultaneously provides a friendly-environment in which we can work with friends.
I also enjoy my AP Spanish class. We are seven students in total. Not only have we been preparing for the AP exam, but we also have fun interacting and learning from one another since everyone has a unique background and culture from different countries. Similarly, my AP Human Geography and Digital Layout & Design classes have been structured in a way that it feels like a close-knit family."


What You're Most Proud of / Favorite Project?

"My favorite project was Genetic Transformation in AP Biology during my junior year at TA. The first step was taking Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) in bioluminescent jellyfish Aequorea Victoria and performing genetic transformation on bacteria with a gene that codes for GFP from the jellyfish. At the end of bacteria incubation, the bacteria expressed the newly acquired jellyfish gene and produced the protein that caused them to glow in the dark."


Good Luck Ashley! We can't wait to see how you use your ambition and determination to make a positive impact in the medical field.