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2019 Graduate Spotlights: Virag Zengo and Dominic Dadiego


Today we are kicking off the 2019 Graduate Spotlights with Virag Zengo and Dominic Dadiego! 🎉












Virag, an international student from Hungary, has found her home away from home at the Garland Auditorium. With her experience in the TA Dance Company, Thornton Academy Players, and TA Concert Choir, it's obvious that she’s comfortable onstage. As a member of the Spanish Club, International Fair, TEDed Club, Girls Lacrosse Team, and Debate Team; as well as Secretary of National Honor Society, and an Admissions Aid, Ms. Zengo has excelled in a wide-range of TA activities.

Most-loved Thornton Academy Traditions & Memories? Why?
"My favorite tradition is the International Fair because we had the opportunity to learn about other cultures and share our own."

Favorite Class, Teacher, or Extra-Curricular?
"Debate Team because I learned a lot about expressing your opinions and views in an acceptable way."

What You're Most Proud of / Favorite Project?
"My favorite project is Dorm Dance because all the international students go and dance together as a family."

The Alumni House will miss the positivity (& helping hands) you brought as our Admissions Aid—we know you will shine in all that you do following graduation!













Dominic, a Saco local, excelled both stage-side and field-side as he took advantage of TA’s extensive arts and athletics extracurriculars. Mr. Dadiego participated in TA’s theater and dance programs, soccer and track teams, and Thornton’s Student Council.


Favorite Spot on the TA Campus?
“Mr. Hanright’s room, where all of my friends usually are.”

Favorite Class, Teacher, or Extra-Curricular?
“Movie Making, Caryn Lasante Ford because she is the coolest teacher ever, she is the reason I was a part of Student Council, and got so invested in Thornton Academy. As well as my class advisor, Mrs. Moses, for pushing me to be a part of dance.”

Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?
“Hopefully somewhere in a studio, having the time of my life putting together video clips, informational videos, and film to entertain and leave a lasting message.”

Good luck Dominic - we can’t wait to see your name on the big screen 🎥