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Day in the Life at TA: Madeline Nguyen

Hello! My name is Madeline. This year is my fourth and last one at Thornton Academy. I am from Hanoi, Vietnam. I am the co-president of Interact Club, Environmental Club, and the co-coordinator of the International Fair.


6:45AM: I wake up, take a shower, and prepare to go to school. Many girls usually wake up at around 7:25, but since my roommate wakes up early, so do I. My roommate from this year is from Busan, South Korea. My past roommates are from China, Vietnam, Mexico, and the US.

8:00AM: I walk to the cafeteria for breakfast, which is only a 3-minute walk. I usually have scrambled eggs or oatmeal for breakfast. The cafeteria also serves milk, yoghurt, pastries, and fruits for breakfast.

8:35AM: My first block begins. Each day on the schedule has four blocks, and each block lasts for 80 minutes. My first block is a study hall. I usually do my homework or complete my college application during this block.

9:57AM: Block 1 ends, and I walk to my block 2 class, which is AP Statistics. My teacher is funny so the class, despite being AP, seems to be less stressful.  

11:24AM: My third block is Honors Introduction to Engineering. Everyone is working on their cardboard furniture project. One of my favorite things at TA is the hands-on experiences that are offered to students. 

12:50PM: It’s lunch time! Since there are more than 1500 students at TA, there are four continuous lunch waves during block 3; each lunch wave lasts for 27 minutes. I have clam chowder and a salad with eggs, lettuce, and chickpeas.

1:17PM: I have AP Microeconomics for my last block. There are four other students from Vietnam and we help each other understand the material better.

2:45PM: A school day ends, but extracurriculars (or sports) just begin! There’s a meeting for Environmental Club. As one of the co-presidents, I help the advisor to run the meeting. After giving announcements on upcoming activities, such as cleaning a local beach and visiting a local recycling facility, I join other members of the club to go to our small garden behind the school to harvest potatoes, tomatoes, and strawberries.

4:00PM: I walk back to the dorm with my friends; we talk and laugh about our days at school and enjoy a view of TA. The sunsets at TA are so beautiful that they often make Instagram stories!

5:30PM: My friends and I go to dinner. We sit at a round table, family-style.

6:30PM-7:00PM: We sing together, continue to talk, and come back to our rooms to prepare for study hours. 

7:00PM-10:00PM: I do my homework. 7:30PM to 9:00PM is called “Study Hours” of the dorms; if you have finished your homework for the day, you have to stay quiet and respect other girls’ study space.

10:30PM: After brushing my teeth, I write in my journal and go to bed to get ready for another busy day tomorrow.

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