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Dominic Ferry '23 gives a loud response to Quiet Cries

Thornton Academy Middle School student Dominic Ferry '23 was encouraged by his grandparents to get involved with his community and make a difference following a circumstance that has significantly affected his life. Having previously lived in a home affected by domestic violence, Ferry established Quiet Cries, an organization whose mission is to help individuals in similar situations.

I have personal experience with domestic violence and how it affects people. Growing up and seeing how it affected my mother was hard. I was lucky enough to get out of that situation and voice my opinion,” Ferry said.

headshot of Dominic Ferry '23 in the art classroom

Quiet Cries makes an impact in the community by fundraising for items that provide basic needs and comfort to children directly affected by domestic violence. Needed items include blankets and diapers. The blanket drives he has hosted since establishing Quiet Cries have aided in providing over 2,000 blankets to victims.

During Thornton Academy's 2018 Homecoming weekend, Ferry hosted a diaper drive during the football game and collected two car loads of diapers. In addition to the support from the TA community, one major contributor to the success of the diaper drive has been the Amica Companies Foundation. This foundation provided a $1,000 gift.

Ferry’s grandfather,  and a partner organization, Safe Voices, assist with hosting and publicizing events. The meaning behind the name Quiet Cries came to Dominic with some help from his grandfather.

"My grandfather helped me with the name. When you think of someone who has been abused, they don't really want to talk about it because it brings up memories so that is where "quiet" came from," Dominic explained. "As for "cries," if you think of someone who has been abused, they are going to cry but they may also be crying for help because they are afraid of the person who has threatened and abused them."

 Ferry and Quiet Cries have gained traction in the Maine community and recognition from the Portland Press Herald and WMTW-8 for recent fundraisers he has hosted to better the lives of those suffering from domestic violence.

"I am thankful for help from my family, because without them I wouldn't be here. Support always helps, no matter what form it is. We need to speak up to end domestic violence and brave people will help to end this," Ferry said.

collecting diapers at the annual homecoming football game

Middle School Principal Tiffany Regan Robert '00 visits Dominic Ferry '23 as he collects diapers at the annual homecoming football game.