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Featured Faculty: Roula Maalouf–French & Arabic

In 2011, Roula Maalouf joined the TA family and became the first high school teacher to teach Arabic in Maine! In 2013, Ms. Maalouf began teaching French as well, and quickly became a favorite faculty member, known for her enthusiasm, sense of humor, and genuine care for her students. 

She grew up in Lebanon with her parents and three sisters. Her high school years were spent in Beirut at Ecole des sœurs des saints cœurs, and she attended college at the Université Saint Joseph, both Cathlic schools. Her love for teaching began in college when she began tutoring her peers and discovered her love of sharing the three languages she spoke—English, French, and arabic. It was a dream come true to help TA introduce a new language to its students in 2011! 

Ms. Maalouf is also known for her involvement in extracurricular activities. Last year she served as the advisor for the class of 2020, bringing levity and camaraderie to her students during a particularly hard year. She is the advisor for both the French Club and the Arabic Club, and serves as a chaperone at every school dance. It’s no secret that Ms. Maalouf is a ton of fun!  

What is the best thing about teaching at TA? What is the most challenging?
Teaching is one of the hardest jobs, but it is also one of the best jobs in the world. I count teaching at TA a blessing and the best career in my whole life. Yes, teaching is a challenging job, but I am surrounded by wonderful students, fellow teachers, and administrators and that makes our bumpy road much easier. I appreciate the opportunity to not only understand students and assist them with their educational needs, but also help them meet their goals and balance their different learning needs as well as staying in contact with the parents.    

What is your favorite teaching memory?
I love when a student joins my French class as a freshman, and then decides later in high school to come back and join my arabic classes. I love the strong relationships full of respect and trust that we build throughout the years. I love when they come to me to share their happiness, sadness, or to ask for advice. As teachers, it is our job to help shape their self esteem and build  their confidence. I want to make a difference in every student’s life. 

What do you hope for your students? 
I wish all the best for my students. I hope their futures are full of success and health and that all of their dreams come true.

What do you hope for the future of TA? 
TA is truly unique. I am so proud that I belong to this community. I hope that TA will remain like a shining star and will always be recognized for its unique and distinctive curriculum. I also hope that students from every corner of the world will continue to choose to come to TA and join our family.

Featured faculty fun facts! 
Favorite pastimes: Booking, baking, and listening to music.
Favorite food: All Lebanese food—tabbouleh, kebbe, and homemade hummus!
Favorite movies: I love to go to the movie theater, especially to watch comedy and romantic films