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8th Grade TAMS Spotlight: Liberty Bove

Welcome to our 8th Grade Spotlights for 2021! We will be highlighting a wide variety of Thornton Academy Middle School members of the class of 2021 and featuring their accomplishments in the classroom, on the athletic field, in academic competitions, in the arts, and out in the real world. We are so proud of the resilience and dedication of this class in particular and are excited to share their stories. 

Today's spotlight features Liberty Bove from Dayton. 


What's your favorite TAMS memory? 

My favorite TAMS memory is the final dress rehearsal before Elf. There is nothing like running through the show for the last time. I love the feeling of being in costume with all my friends and having a fun time.

What clubs and sports have you done at TAMS? 

I’ve participated in the theater and art club.

What are hobbies/activities that you do outside of TAMS?

I love to sing, write, play with my rabbit, and walk outside.

What are you most proud of from your time at Thornton Academy? 

I am most proud about the person I have become while being at TAMS. I’ve learned a lot and met a bunch of great friends.

Who's your favorite TAMS staff member? Why?

My favorite TAMS staff member is Mr. Stebbins. He is my favorite because he will always make time for you when you need help. Even though he does a million things, he always helps and supports his students.

What is/was your favorite class at TAMS? Why?

My favorite class in TAMS is ELA. I love to debate with the teacher and other students about the topic that we are learning at the time. Even if I don’t like all the homework, it is still a very fun class.

Why would you recommend TAMS to another student?

I would certainly recommend TAMS to another student. There is really no other school like this one. It prepares you for high school and the real world while also keeping class fun and entertaining.