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8th Grade TAMS Spotlight: Sophia Bogardus

Welcome to our 8th Grade Spotlights for 2021! We will be highlighting a wide variety of Thornton Academy Middle School members of the class of 2021 and featuring their accomplishments in the classroom, on the athletic field, in academic competitions, in the arts, and out in the real world. We are so proud of the resilience and dedication of this class in particular and are excited to share their stories. 

Today's spotlight features Sophia Bogardus from Saco.


What's your favorite TAMS memory? 

My favorite TAMS memory was being able to help out in the halloween extravaganza and breakfast with Santa with Honors Club in 7th grade.

What clubs and sports have you done at TAMS? 

I have participated in TAMS Environmental Club, Dance Club, Yearbook Team, and TAMS Honors Club. The sports that I have played at TAMS are soccer, basketball, indoor track, and softball.

What are hobbies/activities that you do outside of TAMS?

Outside of TAMS, I love to practice calligraphy and play the guitar and ukulele.

What are you most proud of from your time at Thornton Academy? 

I am most proud of coming out of my shell a little bit and making new friends at TAMS. Towards the beginning of my TAMS career, I did not like presenting or talking in front of my class. But now, I don’t get as nervous and I know how to prepare for it. I have made so many new friends here and I could not be happier to have met them here.

Who's your favorite TAMS staff member? Why?

My favorite TAMS staff member is Mrs. Robert because she is so kind to all of her students and makes sure we are all happy. Mrs. Robert has been the best principal I have ever had. She always makes sure her students at TAMS are where they need to be academically, but also having fun while doing it. I am so sad to leave her next year because she is just so awesome!

What is/was your favorite class at TAMS? Why?

My favorite class at TAMS is science class with Mr Hersey. (In both 7th and 8th grade). I am most interested in learning about science and how organisms work.

Why would you recommend TAMS to another student?

I would recommend TAMS to another student because TAMS feels like family. No matter who you are or where you come from you are welcomed. When you walk through the front doors of Thornton Academy Middle School you aren’t just getting an education you are also making life long friendships.