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Congrats to our upper school students of the third quarter!
Katy Nicketakis

Thornton Academy would like to congratulate the following students who were selected as our Students of the Quarter for the 3rd quarter. These students exemplified all aspects of our school’s pillars through their effort, attitude, and hard work. Congratulations to all!

Rose Varney - Freshman

"The pillars of Thornton Academy encourage me to give everything everything my all. I see Thornton as a very welcoming and safe community and the pillars really reflect how the faculty and students interact with each other and I’m glad to be a part of it."

Amelia Beniot - Sophomore

"I am most proud of the person I’ve become at Thornton Academy. Throughout my time at Thornton Academy, I’ve grown so much as a person, student, and athlete. Thornton Academy has shown me how to become a better person and make the best choices."

Reese Ahearn - Junior

"The pillars of Thornton Academy are not only guidelines, but a key to success. If one takes into account the pillars of Thornton Academy, they not only will achieve success in their studies or on the field, but in life as well. The pillars of Thornton Academy allow one to become a leader, to be honest, to be strong, to be wise, to be a loyal colleague, and to succeed. They will teach anyone what the benefits of a hard day’s work can achieve, and teach the valuable lesson that life only yields what is put into it. If one believes in the pillars, then they are all but guaranteed to reach success."

Nikolina Nikolic - Senior

"I am most proud that I got to have some of the best teachers that have helped me throughout high school and especially throughout covid and the mental strain I had to deal with from having to learn online and from being burn out from working in the front lines they have truly helped me with everything and I’ll forever be thankful for them."


Thornton Academy would also like to acknowledge the following students who were recognized by their teachers for their outstanding effort and attitude during the 3rd quarter.  Congratulations to all!

Antonia Farago-Dumsch

Landon Boucher

Metis Tucker

Thalia Tucker

Taylor Madera

Damian Musgrave

Hannah Kurkul

Anjali Leach

Isabella Loignon

Ashley Houde