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Dance Company Receives Introduction to Argentine Tango

Thornton Academy English teacher Ms. Misharra Hefler and her partner Greg Mitchell visited Mrs. Campbell’s Performance and Repertory: Dance Company class before the holiday break to provide the students with an introduction to Argentine tango—a partnered social dance, in which the couple embraces to dance. As an improvised dance with an infinite variety of step patterns, it differs from ballroom dancing (including ballroom tango) in its posture, movement, and intent. Ms. Hefler explained her interest in learning this dance: “When I was about 12 years old, I saw the movie Scent of a Woman and was riveted by the tango scene in it; I have wanted to learn to tango since then, but never had the opportunity. I became involved in tango here through friends I knew from belly-dancing classes I took in Portland. These friends, who had been tangoing for a while, raved about how wonderful tango was and encouraged me to try it. At the end of June 2015, I finally decided to try tango for myself by going to local practices and taking some private lessons with local teachers...I've been hooked ever since!” Thornton Academy’s Dance Company offers experienced dancers to the opportunity to gain performing and choreographic experience through a variety of styles.