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Ed Whiting – Thornton Academy’s Teacher of the Year

Ed Whiting teaches Grade 8 English Language Arts at Thornton Academy Middle School. 

Students at Thornton Academy Middle School will tell you that Ed Whiting’s classes are challenging, rigorous, and demanding – but they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Whiting, an 8th grade Language Arts instructor, was named Thornton Academy’s Teacher of the Year on Tuesday at a celebration marking the end of school year. The award encompasses both the high school and middle school.

“Teaching is about making a difference, touching students’ lives, and challenging them. It’s about making them better, and setting them up for future success,” said Thornton Academy Middle School Principal Tiffany Robert, who presented the award to Whiting. “Ed does those things every day. He’s tough, fair, and prepares students for the next level and beyond. And we know this because of the mountains of feedback we received from parents and former students.”

Robert said that students regularly return to the Middle School to tell her that Mr. Whiting is one of the best teachers they’ve had, because he made them better readers, writers. and thinkers. 

“Since he has been at Thornton Academy Middle School, I have noticed a significant difference in my own students' writing in sciences,” said Ryan Hersey, Middle School Science Teacher and Assistant Principal.

Parents notice, too. During the ceremony, Robert read a comment from parent Jessica Cook, who praised Whiting’s commitment and dedication to the learning and growth of his students:
“The time he devotes to providing them feedback, building strong, meaningful connections, and getting to know them as individuals are just some of the reasons he is held in such high regard. By setting and maintaining high expectations for his students, he motivates them to want to give their best, and as a parent, that is one of things I admire and appreciate most about him. Ed has had a deep impact on the TA community and the lives of the many students who have been fortunate enough to learn from him,” wrote Cook.

“As principal of the middle school, I’m honored to have Ed on our team,” concluded Robert.” As an educator, I’m proud of the way he represents our profession. And as a parent, I look forward to the day when my two children will sit in his class.”

Congratulations, Mr. Whiting!