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Cruising on two wheels: Cycling Club keeps students healthy and active

The TA Cycling Club brings cycling to all levels of riders and encourages a healthy lifestyle through education, friendship, teamwork, and fun. The focus for club members is to create opportunities to ride, train, and socialize with other cycling enthusiasts. The club also conducts social and community activities with the intention of improving the development of cycling in the Saco Community. 

Jonathan Sylvester, special education teacher, has advised the club for 10 years. The number of club participants varies depending on the fall or spring season and Mr. Sylvester sees numerous motivations behind their participation. “Many students choose to ride for a wide range of reasons, be it social, exercise, cross training, community involvement, or preparation for racing on the weekends.” 

Luckily for riders, the Eastern Trail is located in Thornton Academy’s backyard. Club members participate in weekly rides on the trail and have adopted the “TA section” in an effort to maintain and support this treasured community resource. 

For Sylvester, the best part of Cycling Club is that it offers “a chance for students to get out to exercise, cross train, learn bicycle safety, learn riding styles, and make new friends. He appreciates the opportunity to see students challenge themselves, whether by completing a downhill/technical section or achieving a specific mileage. “There is nothing like the smile on a student's face after they have completed something that was challenging.”