With an emphasis on logic, problem solving, and critical thinking, courses in mathematics at Thornton Academy prepare students for success in many different disciplines. 

The Mathematics Department at Thornton Academy has a dedicated group of teachers to help you discover the joy of mathematics! Success in mathematics courses depends upon the mastery of skills, understanding of basic concepts, adequate studying, and collaboration with peers and teachers. The Mathematics Department attempts to meet the needs of our students by offering different levels and sequences of mathematics courses as pathways to college and career readiness. We offer classes at the regular, honors, and AP level. AP math courses include Calculus AB, Calculus BC, and Statistics.

Math classes at Thornton Academy use technology extensively. Teachers take advantage of our 1:1 iPad program and classrooms are outfitted with screens that allow teachers and students to collaborate in person and also electronically. 

- melissa dubovik, mathematics department chair

featured class: AP Calculus AB

Calculus is the mathematics of change. It can be used to explain the spread of epidemics or the path of a curveball. Students study the cornerstones of calculus: the derivative, the definite and the indefinite integral. Studying Calculus is the penultimate goal for mathematics students at Thornton Academy.

closeup of student working on math problem

Thornton Academy helped to prepare me for the academic rigor of an engineering school with a wide range of math and science AP classes. I assure you that whatever your level of academic rigor,  you will find your match at TA. 

Daniel Huot '17

Mathematics Courses

Mathematics Faculty

Tom Clarke

Math Teacher

Jacqueline Cone

Math Teacher, Cheerleading Assistant Coach

Kelli Corrigan

Math Teacher

Robert Davies

Math Teacher, Dorm Head, Girls Lacrosse Assistant Coach

Arthur Doyle

Math and Computer Science Teacher

Sara Gallo

Math Teacher

Michael Gauthier

Math and Engineering Teacher

Brittany Gregoricus

Middle School Math Teacher

Christy Lajoie

Math Teacher

Brian Morrison

Math Teacher, Assistant Football Coach

Clint Nash

Math and Science Teacher

Craig Pendergrass

Middle School Math & Science Teacher

Bruce Snyder

Math Teacher

Tracie True

Math Teacher