Expand your world through research at Hyde Library.

Mary Weymouth Hyde Library is a welcoming space that has been intentionally designed to allow research and creativity to come together. It offers a bright, modern, comfortable environment with a wide range of amenities and spaces. Students and staff come to the library to meet, study, design, research, create, and read. It is a dynamic community space, before, during, and after school hours.  

Hyde Library has moved beyond only offering books and magazines. Thornton Academy's technology department is located within the library, offering students and staff the opportunity to do research both in traditional print media and online. Some of our most exciting offerings include:

  • meeting spaces to encourage collaboration and presentation 
  • high-tech computers featuring advanced software 
  • large format and vivid color printing 
  • hundreds of new books every year 
  • warm and welcoming staff members to support your academic and personal interest needs  
  • faculty integration space

Technology Help Desk

Located at the back of Hyde Library, the Technology Help Desk offers software support, hardware management, and training for students and staff. Stop by to get tips on how to use your iPad to its full capability, learn about new apps, or ask a question. Can't make it in?

National Honor Society Tutoring

Need help in one of your classes? Thornton Academy's National Honor Society students offer 1:1 tutoring to any TA student that may need it. Get a pass from your study hall teacher and head to the library during any block, maroon or gold day. Questions?

Did you know that Hyde Library is located in the Emery building that was Thornton Academy's first gymnasium?