Augustus F. Moulton scholarship for Scarborough residents

The Moulton Scholarship recognizes students who demonstrate a commitment to achievement, education, and self-improvement, as well as embody Thornton Academy's four pillars of respect, responsibility, investment, and compassion.


Augustus F. Moulton was President of the Thornton Academy Board of Trustees from 1919-1933. His goal for the endowment fund was to provide financial assistance to families in Scarborough so they could be afforded the opportunity to attend Thornton Academy. With this generous gift, we are able to award outstanding students a scholarship. The scholarship will be honored each year that the student remains in good standing at Thornton Academy. 



Moulton Scholarship FAQ

Q: Who is the Moulton Scholarship open to?
A: Applicants must currently reside in the town of Scarborough, Maine and be entering grades 6-12. 

Q: How do I apply for the scholarship?
A: Submit the Thornton Academy online application, all supplemental materials, and Moulton Scholarship online application by April 15. Pending availability, application extensions may be granted. 

Q: Does the scholarship continue each year?
A: The student must reapply for the Moulton scholarship before each year of attendance at Thornton Academy. 

Who was Augustus F. Moulton?

Augustus was born in Jay, Maine in 1848 and moved to Scarborough when he was five years old. His family had long ties to Scarborough, and he authored several books including Grandfather Tales of Scarborough and Settlement of Scarborough. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1873 and was admitted to the Cumberland County Bar in 1876. He represented Scarborough from 1878-79 in the Maine State Legislature. Throughout his life, Augustus was a strong supporter of education. He served as a member of the Scarborough School Committee for fifteen years and member of the Thornton Academy Board of Trustees for fourteen years. 

Augustus lived in Scarborough until 1896, when he moved to Deering (subsequently merged with Portland). He served as Mayor of Deering in 1896 and President of the Board of Aldermen of Portland in 1900. 

Augustus died in 1933 and made a generous bequest to TA, the income from which is to be used to provide tuition assistance. 


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