Trojan Scholarship

Established in 2020, the Trojan Scholarship is Thornton Academy’s general merit-based award for boarding students. This award is based on adherence to Thornton Academy’s Four Pillars of Character and the unique contributions the applicant can make to the Thornton Academy community.

Trojan Scholarship FAQ

Q: Who is the Trojan Scholarship open to?
A: All new domestic and international boarding students, grades 6-12. 

Q: How do I apply for the scholarship?
A: You must submit all of the following:

Q: Does the scholarship continue each year?
A: Yes, the Trojan Scholarship automatically renews each year, as long as you remain in good academic and behavioral standing at Thornton Academy. 

Q: How much is the scholarship worth?
A: Amounts range from $2,000 - $15,000

Q: Am I also eligible for need-based financial aid?
A: Yes! The financial aid profile must be submitted in conjunction with the application for admission. Students will be notified of their scholarship and financial aid award amounts at the time an admission decision is communicated.  

Q: What does the scholarship committee consider when making their decision?
A: The Scholarship Committee considers the student's admissions interview, academic record, and scholarship video in the decision-making process. We're looking for students who will contribute positively to our school community and the diversity of our student population.

The Four Pillars of Community Life

The Thornton Academy Pillars are the guiding principles that enhance our shared experiences, informing our actions and attitudes.


Respect defines treatment of one’s self and others.  We recognize differences among members of our community, act with character and integrity, and are aware of how our actions impact others.  To honor our surrounding environment, we are polite, humble, proud, and appreciative.


We show responsibility by embracing individual ownership of behaviors and choices, making informed decisions and demonstrating maturity, accountability, preparedness, timeliness, integrity, and purpose.


Compassionate individuals know how to relate to and understand the opinions and experiences of others.  We improve the quality of our school community by showing thoughtfulness and gratitude as we encounter new perspectives. We foster our growth and relevance through connection, acceptance and celebration of differences.


Investment involves the act of being aware of one’s actions, setting appropriate goals, and consistently assessing our progress.  Investment takes many forms, but the best practitioners are engaged, committed, persistent, caring, energetic and willing to take risks.  By being invested in our school, our time and efforts are valued by all.



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