Upper School Admissions

Ready to take the next step? Let us assist you throughout the application process.

A long-standing town-tuitioning program providing area students with educational choice continues to allow the Academy to enroll the majority of students from the towns of Saco, Dayton, and Arundel while maintaining its own independence. If you are a resident of these towns, contact our registrars.

For residents of other towns, Thornton Academy offers rolling admissions, meaning that if we have space, we are happy to consider your application as soon as your application file is complete.

Upon receipt of a completed application, our Admissions Committee makes an admission decision within two weeks. The application process is simple, and our team is here with you every step of the way. In the 21-22 school year, Thornton Academy welcomed day students from 26 different towns, and boarding students from 28 countries, including the US.

Step-by-step admissions process

Thornton Academy has been very good for both of our kids.  The teachers never fail to impress me with their dedication to their students, preparedness for the class, compassion for all learners and just their wonderful spirits. 

yuko handa, parent


a student uses a microscope
hockey player gets ready to take a shot
dancers in skirts on stage
main building at dusk
teacher and three students share a laugh
Three students in a dorm room
teacher with a laptop in class
winning a sprint in a track meet
studying with a friend in the library
five students at a picnic table outside a dormitory
playing rock paper scissors
Four students after a running race
proud to have climbed a mountain
aerial view of thornton academy's campus
students and a teacher work on a project in the new media center
a student plays the violin during a concert
three students smiling in the dining commons