Why Thornton Academy

Be Who You Are. 
Become Who You Want To Be. 

Thornton Academy offers much more than a “one size fits all” experience. The geographic, cultural, and socioeconomic diversity of our students, who hail from more than 30 local towns and 52 different countries, means there is no shortage of opportunities for exploration and growth. Both individual differences and shared values are celebrated—all within the comfort and safety of a warm and welcoming environment. 

The Thornton Academy experience will empower you to choose from more than 200 courses, 50 sports teams, and 30 art classes. Our educated, experienced, and compassionate faculty supports you as you grow and discover who you can be. We celebrate both our students’ individual differences and shared values in a warm and welcoming environment where you can truly be yourself. We give you the Trojan Advantage.        

valentina and two friends outside the school in fall

For me, Thornton Academy means making life-long friends while opening doors to future opportunities. 

Valentina capri, costa rica '21

The Trojan Advantage

students at a blackout football game at hill stadium