Meet the Team

Sydney Menard

Development Coordinator

John Ritzo

Associate Head of Advancement

Giselle Tardiff

Development Associate

Haley Thompson

Director of Development

Shiyun Zhao

International Development Associate

Alumni Board

The Thornton Academy Alumni Board works to create opportunities for alumni to stay connected and engaged with the Thornton community. Members of the Alumni Board volunteer their time and talents throughout the year and help organize several campus events including Homecoming festivities, reunion activities and the annual auction. Its members also serve as TA ambassadors in the community and encourage engagement through volunteerism, philanthropy and event attendance. 

The Alumni Board also recognizes and celebrates alumni achievement through the Athletic Hall of Fame, Distinguished Alumni Award, Public Service Award and Unsung Hero Award. 

Alumni Board members: Kirk Purvis '93 - president, Paulette Tardif Bernier '60, Joanne Trask Cacciapaglia '76, Katie Arsenault Flaherty '97, Roberta Sargent Gallant '62, Amy Gonneville Elie '91, JD Hadiaris '98, Victoria Labbe '19, James Lowe '92, Haley Nason '10, David Pendleton '81, Paula Cole Scully '89, Nathaniel Tripp '00

Class Agents

Why become a class agent?

Are you a Thornton Academy alumnus? 

Do you have a commitment to increasing alumni participation in events and the Thornton Fund?

Do you desire to communicate with classmates and support TA’s mission in a variety of ways?

You can become a class agent!

To learn more about becoming a Class Agent, e-mail Giselle Tardiff at or call at 207-602-4456. The Alumni Office will provide direct support in locating and contacting classmates and access to class lists and mailings.

Current Class Agent Vacancies:

1952, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1968, 1969, 1971, 1974, 1994

What do class agents do?

  • Communicate with classmates and provide the Alumni Office with updated contact information, class notes, and any other personal information that classmates would like to share with each other and/or the TA community. 
  • Assist in reunion planning and recruiting classmates to help in the planning process.
  • Explore ways to encourage alumni to participate in the TA Community and activities.  
  • Assist with the Thornton Fund, the school’s annual fundraising appeal, by providing classmates with Annual Fund information.
  • Build a closer relationship with school leadership.
  • Get recognized for service at an annual appreciation banquet.

Current Class Agents

1948 Ernest and Janet Garon Huot

1949 A. William Kany

1950 Robert Pate

1951 Mary Atkinson Johnson


1953 John and Anita Binette Colpitts

1954 Elsie Boudreau

1955 Donna Hill Lee


1957 Robert Keithley



1960 Bill Soucy

1961 Barbara Warren Field

1962 Sue Marston

1962 Roberta Gallant

1963 Larry Bowie or

1964 Beverly Pelletier


1966 Bill Searle and Linda Cyr

1967 James E. Nelson and Sue Spath



1970 Sue Pollock Lamontagne

1972 Patti Boutet Peterson

1973 Scott MacDougall and Kathy Staples


1975 Al Sicard

1976 George Mendros

1977 Terri Hogan Arenstam

1978 Lynne Colpitts Smith

1979 Rosemary Kane Kirby and Melody Jordan Laskey

1980 Dawn LePauloue Lambert or

1981 Todd Davis and David Pendleton

1982 Alison M. Jortberg

1983 Kimberley Graffam Meikle

1984 David K. LePauloue and Kimberly Simard

1985 Steve Pate

1986 Kevin Tierney

1987 Kathi McKenzie Doran

1988 Anthony LeBlanc

1989 Nikki Oliver

1990 Giselle Tardiff

1991 Libby Scamman Collins

1992 James (Jay) Lowe

1993 Kirk Purvis


1995 Tracie Saucier True

1996 Abby Graffam Purvis

1997 Amy Levasseur DesRoberts

1997 Melissa Boisvert Pennell

1997 Ryan True

1998 JD Hadiaris

1999 Benjamin Harris and Christina Carr

2000 Nate Tripp

2001 Ryan Lagan

2002 Erik Ryder

2003 Christine Felser

2004 Krissy Mailman

2005 Kate Scamman

2006 Jill Santamore Blake and Lisa Roth Tripp

2007 Melissa Small and Alicia Milne

2008 Brittany Sawyer

2009 Justin Chenette

2010 Lexie Carter and Paul Santamore

2011 Colin Buttarazzi

2012 Katie Kalagias

2013 Bobby Begin

2014 Kayla Tremblay

2015 Daniel Picard

2016 Sarah Picard