Champions believe in themselves.

Thornton Academy has a rich and storied history of athletic excellence. Throughout our history, Thornton Academy athletic teams have won more than 50 state championships, including our most recent championship in 2019 in Boys Lacrosse.

Today, athletics are an integral part of the Thornton Academy experience. We offer more than 50 teams at many different levels. All Thornton Academy students are encouraged to join a team — whether they are new to a sport or a potential New England champion. 

posed photo of the 1891 tennis team
catcher gives the ball to the pitcher
five basketball players under the hoop from the 1950s
dribbling past an opponent
a basketball player drives to the rim
a basketball player and his parents
players cheer on their teammates
a guard puts up a shot
a player dribbles the ball
a player prepares to pass the ball
fans cheer on the trojans
a boys lacrosse player runs down the field
boys tennis player is ready to receive the serve
four cheerleaders at a football game
Girls in formation stretch their arms
two players chase the ball in a field hockey game
field hockey player holds her stick on the field
running back attempts a first down
football team at sunset on hill stadium
Girls basketball players pose with a ball
Offensive lacrosse player on the attack
throw in the ball from the sidelines
a girls tennis player takes a break
a thornton academy runner leads in a sprint race
a golfer hits a drive
an offensive player skates with the puck
a runner leads an indoor track race
lacrosse player runs across the field
a sprinter in a 100 meter dash
pep band players in the stadium
female track athlete competes in pole vault
a boys soccer player kicks the ball
two soccer players celebrate after a victory
softball player at bat waiting for the pitch
a swimmer competes in a freestyle race
three players raise the gold ball after winning the state championship boys basketball 2008
a player bumps the ball over the net
a cheerleader in the gym with a pom pom
an athlete competes in a cross country race
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Meet our Coaches

Craig Agreste

Titles: Wellness Teacher, Varsity Girls Lacrosse Coach, Residential Life Staff

Kirk Agreste

Titles: Middle School Wellness Teacher, TAMS Cross Country & Track Head Coach

David Arenstam

Titles: English Teacher

Kayla Arthers

Titles: JV Volleyball Coach

Peter Benham

Titles: JV Boys Soccer Coach, Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field Assistant Coach

Jeffrey Camire

Titles: School Counselor, Varsity Golf Coach

Andrew Carlson

Titles: History Teacher, Varsity Boys Soccer Coach

Ron Cote

Titles: History Teacher, Junior Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

Robert Davies

Titles: Math Teacher, Dorm Head, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Girls Lacrosse Assistant Coach

Ariana Hadiaris

Titles: Social Worker

Ryan Hersey

Titles: Middle School Science Teacher, Middle School Assistant Principal, Head Varsity Boys Lacrosse Coach

Corey Huot

Titles: Varsity Volleyball Head Coach

Kevin Kezal

Titles: Class Dean, Varsity Football Coach

Chloe Lavigne

Titles: JV Cheerleading Coach

Allison Mains

Titles: Special Education Teacher/Case Manager, First Team Girls Soccer Coach

Eric Marston

Titles: History Teacher, Girls Basketball Team (head coach), Girls & Boys Cross Country Teams (head coach)

George Mendros

Titles: Substitute Coordinator, Head Boys Indoor Track Coach, Head Boys Outdoor Track Coach

Abigail More

Titles: School Counselor

Jack Morrison

Titles: Freshman Football Coach

Mike Nelson

Titles: History Teacher, Freshman Boys Basketball Coach

Greg Paradis

Titles: Class Dean, Freshman Football Coach, Dorm Head

Dave Pasquarello

Titles: Educational Technician, JV Lacrosse Coach

Josh Pulsifer

Titles: Arts Teacher

Natalie Sharland

Titles: History Teacher, Varsity Girls Soccer Coach

Lori Smith

Titles: Arts Teacher, Head Field Hockey Coach

Gary Stevens

Titles: Director of Athletics and Student Activities

Stephen Stinson

Titles: Alternative Education Teacher, JV Baseball Coach

Nick Tabor

Titles: Assistant Head of Student Affairs

Matthew Townsend

Titles: JV Golf Coach, Varsity Boys Basketball Assistant Coach

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