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Thornton Academy celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2018. As the most popular spectator sport on campus, being a member of the varsity football team is an honor that the players do not take lightly. Our football team is consistently among the best in northern New England. Top Thornton Academy football players receive scholarships to play football at Division 1 schools after graduation. Recent state championships include 1986, 1988, 2012, 2014, 2015.

The Thornton Academy football coaching staff has many years of experience, and the stability of the coaches leads to a program with well defined values, traditions, and goals. TA football is dedicated players, a great coaching staff, a support staff that is second to none, teachers who serve as role models, parents who give endless time and energy, and alumni who come and cheer with their families from the sidelines.

Practices take place on several football fields on our campus. Home games are played at Hill stadium, a turf field with a spectator capacity of 4,500.

Football tryouts begin in mid-August.


Varsity Football Roster
10Colby Bolduc115'7150WR/DB
11C. J. LaBreck126'1200WR/DB
12Athan Gikas125'9165WR/DB
13Tyler Lank106'0160WR/DB
14Haydan Pormeleau105'8145QB/DB
15Rorbert Gonneville115'8185QB/LB
16Fredrik Boersheim126'3180WR/LB
17Kobe Gaudette116'0165QB/DB
18Nicolas Pereira125'8145QB/DB
19Gabe Older105'8150WR/DB
20Ryan Davis125'9175FB/LB
21Anthony Bracamonte125'7150WR/DB
22Kylie Stubinski125'10170WR/DB
23Peyton Jones106'1175WR/DB
24Riley Walsh115'8165TE/LB
25Eli Arsenault125'7165WR/DB
26Brandy Forbes 106'1160K/WR/DB
28Isaac Ofielu115'8200RB/LB
29Grant Dow125'10180RB/DB
30Arttu Tapola116'0195RB/LB
31 Tyler Grenier125'7160WR/DB
32Max Pelayo115'10165WR/DB
33Thomas Palmer126'2240TE/DE
34Julien Bailey Cottle115'10185RB/DB
35Quinn McCallum105'10185RB/DB
36Chase Buzell105'8180RB/LB
38Isaac Depuis125'6150WR/LB
39Costa Gikas106'0230FB/LB
40Derek Madora126'0230FB/DT
41Cole Paulin115'11200FB/LB
42Joey Labbe103'1210TE/LB
43Noah Parenteau115'10200TE/LB
44Caleb Pelletier105'9175FB/DB
45Micheal Jordan106'0180RB/LB
52Ean Patry125'10195OG/DE
53Jack Rogers116'0215OT/DE
54Jacke Lowe106'1190OT/DE
55Bryan Grabofsky105'6150OG/LB
56Tom Wermenchuk126'4230OT/DE
61Nathan Ellis126'2280OT/DE
62Ben Roberts126'0220OG/DT
64Tanner Lynn116'0240OT/DE
65Vishal Sharman105'8175OG/DT
66Jack Lausier105'8215OG/DT
67David Paye115'8215OG/DT
70Dane Giguere116'2230OT/DE
72Trey Tanguay106'0240OT/DT
73Jacob Lessard105'9240OG/DT
75Cody Agro126'1210OC/DT
76Thomas Philbrook126'0240OG/DE
77Anson Robichaud126'0245OG/DE
78Ethan Stephens125'8200OG/DE
79Logan Harkins116'1240OT/DE
80Cody LeSieur105'9170WR/LB
81Sam Caito105'9160WR/DB
82Ryan Penney115'8145WR/DB
83Ethan Logan126'2205TE/LB
84Raine Bagudu126'2185WR/DB
85Steven Emerson115'8170WR/DB
87Daniel Tarbox 106'5245TE/LB
88Jackson Cochrane115'9155WR/DB
89Caleb Glaude105'7145WR/DB


Head Coach: Kevin Kezal

Assistant Coaches: Craig Agreste

Dick Agreste

Kirk Agreste

Marc Gagne

Leon Hadiaris

Brian Morrison

Jack Morrison

Greg Paradis

Josh Pulsifer

Nick Tabor

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