Middle School Cross Country

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Cross country encourages athletes to develop endurance as they train for long-distances races. Runners at Thornton Academy benefit from the Eastern Trail, a trail that abuts campus, for training. Practices begin in mid-August and runners of all ability levels are encouraged to join the team. The top seven boys and top seven girls score varsity points for the team in meets. For regional and state championships, both team and individual medals are awarded.

Practices take place on the Eastern Trail, a public wooded trail near campus.

Practices for cross country begin in mid-August. There are no tryouts.


Elizabeth Bradish8
Victoria Charron7
Anastasia Cole7
Caitlin Fogarty8
Nora Hill8
Grace Lambert6
Travis Lutz6
Ella Marston8
Will Marston 6
Brady Pierce6
Isabelle Rocheleau8
Michele Sayward8
Austin Sirois7
Parker Snell6
Charlie Sydnor6


John Raby has coached Middle School Cross Country since 2013. A history teacher at the Upper School,

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