What is your situation?

So that we may provide you with the most accurate information, please choose the situation below that describes you the best. 

PLEASE NOTE: When proving residency with the district office, acceptable forms of proof of residency may include a lease agreement, purchase and sale agreement, voter registration card, or a utility bill with name and physical address.

Entering Grade 9 from Saco Middle School, Saint James, or Thornton Academy Middle School

During your child’s eighth grade year, Thornton Academy guidance counselors will visit Saco Middle School, Saint James, and Thornton Academy Middle School to discuss the registration process and Freshman orientations. Registration packets will be distributed and sent home with all students who will be attending Thornton Academy in the fall. Completed registration packets for all incoming Freshmen should be returned to your child’s middle school as instructed. Once Thornton Academy receives incoming Freshmen registration packets, students are entered into our system. From that point, any pertinent information will be mailed to you directly. Please contact the Registrar’s office should you require any additional information.

Do you reside in another city, state, or country and would like more information about attending Thornton Academy? Please refer to the Admissions portion of our website for more information.

Moving to Saco, Dayton, or Arundel and will be transferring to Thornton Academy

When transferring in to Thornton Academy from another school district, please follow the process below: 

1) If possible, attain the following records from your child’s current school district prior to moving: current schedule, most-recent report card/grades, transcript, and immunizations. Having these records in hand at the time of registration with Thornton Academy will expedite the registration process. *If your child receives special services and has a current IEP, Thornton Academy Special Services is required to attain the current IEP with an opportunity to review it prior to completing the registration process. Having a copy of your child’s current IEP at the time of registration will expedite this process. 

2) Once relocated to Saco, Dayton, or Arundel, visit the appropriate RSU to complete Proof of Residency. The RSU will ask you to provide proof that you are residing within the district. Acceptable forms of proof of residency may include a lease agreement, purchase and sale agreement, voter registration card, or a utility bill with name and physical address. The RSU will complete the Proof of Residency Form. You will need to bring the Proof of Residency Form with you, along with your residency documentation, to Thornton Academy at the time of registration. 

3) Visit the Thornton Academy Registrar’s Office to complete the registration process. A parent or legal guardian will be required to complete a Registration Packet.

4) Once the Registration Packet has been completed, the student is entered into PowerSchool. An appointment is then scheduled with your child’s assigned guidance counselor in order to build a schedule. School tours and student shadows are scheduled at this time as well. PLEASE ALLOW 24-48 HOURS TO COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS.

My child is residing with a relative/ guardian in Saco, Dayton, or Arundel and would like to attend Thornton Academy

 A public student may register at Thornton Academy by meeting the following criteria: 

*Student must maintain residency in Saco, Dayton, or Arundel and have residency approved by RSU Office.

*Student must be registered by a parent or legal guardian 

What is a legal guardian?
A legal guardian takes over day-to-day decision making and control of the child from the natural guardian under a court order. A legal guardian, generally speaking, takes over the care and upbringing of the child, making all parenting decisions. The guardian can:
  • request and accept medical treatment on a child's behalf;
  • enroll the child in public school in the guardian's community;
  • provide for the child's general welfare.
Legal guardianship does not include financial responsibility; this remains with the parents. However, as a practical matter - depending on the parents' situation - guardians often provide financial support.
Note: Generally, an adult with a simple power of attorney over a child may not enroll the child in that adult's local public school. At the same time, "homeless" students have the right to attend school under federal law.