The “looping model” of guidance services

As in the past, each student will remain with the same counselor for the four years of high school. We break into two teams with three counselors on each team who will focus on two grade levels each year. Our goal is to deliver our comprehensive grade-level curriculum in the most efficient manner possible and in a way that further allows us to develop the crucial relationships established with our students as they navigate the many changes of adolescence. The looping model is well researched and has proved to be very positive with parents, students and counselors across the country. There have been correlations made between the use of this guidance model and an increase in a sense of intimacy and motivation for students. The delivery of services definitely allows counselors to work in more depth with their students as they go through high school.


9th Grade

• Freshmen parents attend 9th grade orientation

• Freshmen work with counselors to learn career/college search in Naviance and discuss transitions into high school

• Teachers/counselors discuss correct 10th grade placement in content areas

10th Grade

• Sophomores take PSAT exam in October

• Sophomore parents attend "meet-the-faculty night" & learn student schedules

• Counselors meet with sophomores to discuss post-secondary plans

• Counselors monitor/audit academic progress & coordinate placement

11th Grade

• Juniors take PSAT exam in October & the State-required SAT exam in May

• Junior parents attend "meet-the-faculty night" & learn student schedules

• Juniors work on career opportunities with counselors

• Juniors meet individually with counselors in spring to list teachers to write recommendations and to list target colleges

• Junior "College Information Nigh" in the Spring for parents and students

• Counselors meet with parents in small groups about college application process

•  Counselors monitor/audit student academic progress & coordinate placement

12th Grade

• Parents, students attend senior "College Information Night" in September

• Seniors work individually with counselors to finalize college lists and post-secondary plans

• Seniors prepare for college applications with counselor assistance

• Seniors write college essays in their English classes

• Seniors take any additional college testing needed in Fall

• Seniors, parents apply for FAFSA by December and file CSS, if needed

• Parents attend Guidance Department's Financial Aid Seminar

• Parents file FAFSA after January 1st; students select college by May 1st

Information on the College Application Process