Organization of School Counselors

The three counselors who are on the 9th and 11th grade team for the school year 2017 – 2018 will focus on the freshman transition for the first semester and then move on to their junior college preparation work in the second semester. The other three counselors who are on the 10th and 12th grade team will focus totally on the college application cycle for the first semester with their seniors and then on career and early post secondary planning with their sophomores in the spring.

Director of Guidance

Kelley Hodgman-Burns (207)-602-4487

Freshman and Junior Team (Classes of 2021 & 2019)

Mark DeFrancesco (207)-602-4411 

Sarah Tibbetts (207)-602-4415 

Lucretia Wallace (207)-602-4414

Sophomore and Senior Team (Classes of 2020 & 2018)

Jeff Camire (207)-602-4412 

Abby More (207)-602-4413

Kelsey Ramsey (207)-282-3361 ext. 8270

International Team

Steve Turgeon (207)-602-4416

Mel Serrano (207)-282-3361 ext 8306