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Thornton Academy Fall Athlete Awards

Though the fall season ended around Thanksgiving, the awards season is just now concluding. While there are two awards still outstanding (Mike Laverriere is a finalist for the Fitzpatrick Award and Nick Bartholowmew is a Gaziano Award semifinalist), many other Trojans athletes have been honored with awards. Below is a list of award recipients as submitted by the fall coaches:

Boys Soccer:


Noah Niles

SMAA All Conference:

Noah Niles (1st team)
Noah Goren (2nd team)
Ben Steva (Honorable mention)
Conor Daly (Honorable mention)


Noah Niles
Noah Goren
Ben Steva
Jacob Legasse
Ben Caras
Eric Clum- Russell
Colin Daly
Brandon LeBell
Journal Tribune Team of the Season:

Noah Niles
Noah Goren
Ben Stevea
Conor Daly
Eric MacCullu,m

Journal Tribune Rookie of the Year

Alec Mclary

Girls Soccer:

  • All-SMAA Team
    • Hannah Niles (1st Team Midfielder)
    • Liz Bell (2nd Team Defender)
    • Abbey Carignan (HM Defender)
  • All-Academic Team
    • Abbi Cook
    • Maddy Inverso
    • Taylor Paquette
    • Abbey Carignan
    • Kerrigan Goudreau
    • Haneen Ahmida
    • Ali Cote
    • Sarah Couture
    • Taylor Jordan 
  • Journal Tribune All-Stars
    • Liz Bell
    • Alyanna Beaudoin
    • Abbey Carignan
    • Kerrigan Goudreau
    • Hannah Niles
  • Journal Tribune MVP: Hannah Niles

Field Hockey:

Grace Decker was selected for the Maine Field Hockey Association All State team (one of 74 players across the state).

SMAA First Team: Grace Decker, Isabella Capozzi

SMAA Second Team: Emma Dutremble

SMAA Honorable Mention: Sidney Hurst

SMAA All-Rookie Team: Cat Henaire

SMAA All Academic: Alisha Aube, Isabella Capozzi, Grace Decker, Emma Dutremble, Elena Grace, Sidney Hurst, Ali Ouellette, Isabella Robinson

National Field Hockey Coaches Association All-Region Selection (Northeast Region): Grace Decker

NFHCA All-Academic Squad (TBA): Alisha Aube, Isabella Capozzi, Grace Decker, Emma

Dutremble, Sidney Hurst, Ali Ouellette, Isabella Robinson

Journal Tribune All Stars: Sidney Hurst, Grace Decker, Emma Dutremble, Isabella Capozzi, Isabella Robinson and Catherine Henaire was named their Rookie of the Year.


Fitzpatrick Trophy Finalist

Gatorade Player of the Year

Dave Allen Southern Class A Football POY

Portland Press Herald POY

Michael Laverriere

Gaziano Lineman of the Year Semifinalist

Nick Bartholomew

Portland Press Herald Class of the State Team

Nick Bartholomew

Michale Laverriere

Southern Class A All Conference Team

Nick Bartholomew – 1 st Team OC

Cam Cadorette – 1 st Team DB / 2 nd Team PK

Adam Gibbons – 1 st Team Punter

Kyle Holman – 1st Team DT / 2 nd Team OL

Cameron Houde – 1 st Team LB

Michael Laverriere – 1 st Team QB / 2 nd Team DB Dave Allen Player of the Year

Jerry Nason – 2 nd Team OL

SMAA All-Academic Team

Nicholas Bartholomew

Cameron Cadorette

Tanner Collard

Michael Kowash

Michael Laverriere

Xavier LeClair

Edgar Lozano

Tyler Lynn

Kyle Roberge

Andrew St. Peter


First Team 
Jacob Laplume
Armand Ouellette

Second Team
Matt Merrill
Eric Boucher

Girls All-Conference
Jordan Laplume
Hongyi (Yo Yo) Wu

State Individual Results (Girls)
Jordan Laplume - 2nd
Yo Yo Wu - 9th

State Individual Results (Boys)
Jacob Laplume - 7th
Journal Tribune Rookie of the Year
Armand Ouellette


All-Academic 1st Team:
Amanda Cyr
Paige LeBlanc
Kim Grant
All-Academic 2nd Team:
Tori Williams (graduating early)
Brooke Hall
Abigail Daigle
Hannah Dill
Kim Banville
2016 Senior Showcase:
Kim Grant
SMAA Honorable Mention:
Kim Grant