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Upper School Weekly Announcements

What's Up Wednesday 9/18/19

Daily Announcements Approved 2019-2020

NEW!!! The following two links will be updated daily, so feel free to come back throughout the week to find out about club meetings or after school employment opportunities:

Club Meetings - Get Sheets when prompted to get the best viewing experience, but you may also view with other apps that will be suggested.

Jobs -

All posters/signs must be approved before putting them up. Drop off in the Attendance Office with Ms. Truman. If you plan to photocopy multiples, get approval before copying!

Aroma Joe's discount cards for sale with Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Maalouf, Senior Class Officers and during Maroon lunches! $5 each and expire Sept 30.


We also have a drop box in the entrance of the Main Building (see images below) for your to share a name & event in a hard copy format.  Thank you in advance for helping to share a shout-out! 





 Next week the School Counseling Office will host three College Mini-Fairs in the Atrium during block 2. This is a great opportunity to connect with representatives from many post-secondary institutions in New England (& beyond in some cases). Your block 2 teachers on the following dates will be told what time to bring your class to the fair (or allow you to attend if you're in a mixed grade class). 

 Colleges/universities attending are:

Wednesday, Sept 25 (M)

Bennington College; Bryant University; Castleton State University; Clark University; Columbia University; Drexel University; Elmira College; George Mason University; Husson University; Johnson & Wales University; Lynn University; Marquette University; Mass College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences; Providence College; Roanoke College; Roger Williams University; The Landing School; University of New England (UNE); University of San Francisco; Western New England University; Wheaton College; Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI); Worcester State University

 Thursday, Sept 26 (G)

Assumption College; Bentley University; Colby-Sawyer College; College of the Atlantic; Emmanuel College; Hofstra University; Keene State College; Maine Maritime Academy; Merrimack College; Ohio Wesleyan University; Saint Joseph's College; Saint Michael's College; Simmons College; Thomas College; University of Maine, Orono (UMO); University of New Haven; University of Rhode Island (URI); University of Southern Maine (USM); University of Vermont (UVM); Ursinus College; Utica College; University of Massachusetts Boston)

 Friday, Sept 27 (M)

Central Maine Community College (CMCC); Connecticut College; Endicott College; Fisher College; Lasell College; Lesley University; Plymouth State University; Quinnipiac University; Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT); Sacred Heart University; Saint Anselm College; Salve Regina University; Southern Maine Community College (SMCC); Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU); Stonehill College; Suffolk University; Syracuse University; University of Maine, Augusta (UMA); University of Maine, Farmington (UMF); University of New Hampshire (UNH); York County Community College (YCCC)

Art School Presentations 2019-20

The following Art School presentations have been scheduled during Ms. Thomas’ Gold 4 block class in room FA 122B. All students interested in attending art school at the post-secondary level may attend as long as they have permission from their Gold 4 Teacher and have a pass from them. Please sign-up in advance with Ms. Thomas in person after school. Please no surprise drop-ins on the day of the presentation!

  • Montserrat College of Art William Weygint

Tuesday September 24, 1:30-2:30PM

  • Maine College of Art (MECA) Justin Desper

Wednesday, October 23rd, 1:30-2:30PM

  • Massachusetts College of Art & Design (Mass Art) Jon Bolles

Tuesday, November 19th, 1:30-2:30PM

Additional presentations are in the process of being scheduled, at which time an updated flyer will be shared.


9/26/19 TA Environmental Club is participating in an annual, global Coastal Clean Up week activity. We will be picking up trash and litter at Bayview Beach in Saco after school on Thursday 9/26. Students needing a ride will report to SB 101 by 2:50pm. 

To participate, interested students need to pick up a field trip permission form from SB 101 and return it on or before 9/20 (return to SB 101). Keep America BEAUTIFUL! FMI: Ms. Rausch or Ms. Kapschull



Q: What does the new law say, and when does it take effect?

A: Starting Sept. 19, drivers are prohibited from using, manipulating or holding mobile phones, hand-held electronic devices or portable electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle, unless specifically exempted by law.

Q: Will there be a “warning” period from police to allow motorists to get used to the new law?

A: No. Expect swift and widespread enforcement with few exceptions, starting on the day the law takes effect.

Q: What are the penalties?

A: First-time offenders face a $50 fine. Subsequent offenses are $250.

Q: Can I hold my phone in my hand while I drive, even if I’m not making a call, texting or using the phone in any way?

A: No. Drivers are not permitted to manipulate a phone or any other electronic device while driving. If you’re behind the wheel, the car is moving, and the phone is in your hand, you’re breaking the law.

Q: What are the permissible ways I can interact with a phone or electronic device while I drive?

A: Phones must be held securely in a cradle or otherwise attached to the vehicle in some way. Once affixed to the dash or other part of the car, drivers are allowed a single touch, tap or swipe to activate a hands-free mode or hands-free feature.

Q: Where can I mount the phone?

A: Anywhere in the vehicle that doesn’t obstruct your view of the road.

Q: My phone is secured in a cradle. Can I search for a song or enter an address for GPS while I drive?

A: The only interaction drivers are permitted is a single touch, tap or swipe, such as answering a call or activating a hands-free mode, such as Siri or by using Android voice commands. Drivers must first pull over to a safe location and stop the vehicle before having any further interaction with the device.

Q: Can I text or make a phone call if my car is pulled over and idling?

A: Yes, your car can be idling as long as you are in a safe, lawful location and not obstructing traffic in any way.

Q: I’m under 18 and have an intermediate license, or have only a learner’s permit to drive. What rules apply to me?

A: There are further restrictions for people without a full license. Under separate Maine laws, anyone under 18 with an intermediate license is still prohibited from using a cellphone or other electronic device while driving. Anyone with a learner’s permit is also prohibited from using cellphones or electronic devices.

Q: What if there is an emergency?

A: Under the new law, drivers are permitted to call “law enforcement or other emergency services personnel.” A driver operating on a permit is not granted this exception.

Q: What if I use my cellphone for GPS?

A: You may use your phone as a GPS, but you may not manually interact with it unless it is mounted or affixed to the vehicle. Even then, you may only perform a single push, swipe or tap to activate or deactivate a hands-free feature or function. When in doubt, enter the address before you begin driving, or pull over to a safe location to change or enter a new address.

Q: My car is equipped with a Bluetooth device and it reads my text messages out loud to me. May I reply to them via my voice? Is that considered hands-free?

A: The law allows you to use your device in hands-free mode, so you may use your Bluetooth to read texts to you out loud and use your voice-to-text feature to compose a text, provided you safety maintain control of your vehicle while doing so.

Q: Can I hold my phone and talk into the microphone to compose a text message?

A: No. If the phone is in your hand and you’re driving, you’re breaking the law.

Q: Does this new law ban the use of ignition interlock devices or snowplow controls? What about CB radios?

A: No. Interlock devices and snowplow controls are considered part of the operating equipment of the vehicle and are exempt from this law. CB radios are also exempt under a separate statute, provided you safely maintain control of the motor vehicle while using them.

Q: Can I use my phone when I’m stopped at a red light, or stuck in traffic?

A: No. If you’re in the road and behind the wheel, the rules still apply, whether the car is moving or not.

Q: Can I text and drive?

A: No. Texting while driving is illegal, even if you are stopped temporarily at a traffic light, bus stop, construction site, stop sign or any other time you are temporarily stopped in the road. You may use voice-to-text to send a message, but only while also complying with the hands-free law. If your phone doesn’t have that feature, you must pull off the side of the road, find a safe place to park and then write the message.


Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Student Council Officers - please see your representative if you have questions or concerns you would like Student Council to address.


Tutoring: If you need any extra help or tutoring at any time, there are tutors available in the library (beginning at 8 am each day) and during all 4 blocks each day! Just drop in to the library (check in with someone at front desk) and they will send you to the tutors for that day! Tutoring now available.

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