Academic Support

Thornton Academy has a comprehensive system in place to help students identify areas of concern and support students in finding success. The Student Services Team is comprised of guidance counselors, deans, social workers, special education faculty, school nurses, and other support professionals. Teachers and members of the Student Services Team work closely to help each student build a positive academic experience and continue to progress. Students and/or parents concerned about academic performance should speak to a faculty or staff member. Guidance counselors may suggest interventions or alternative actions to help with progress in classes.

Special Education

Thornton Academy provides a continuum of special education services. Programs for identified students are carefully developed based upon individual needs. These programs include specialized instruction, consultation and monitoring services. We also offer related support services that include social work, speech, physical and occupational therapy. Specialized instruction may be offered through classes in mathematics, remedial reading, writing, life skills, learning centers, and vocational experience for all grades. Transition planning and programming are integral components provided through each Individual Education Program. 

What does the special education referral process look like? Special education referrals may be initiated by a faculty or staff member, a parent, or a student. Referrals must include all alternative actions that have been considered or attempted and the reasons why they were unsuccessful. Once a referral is accepted, evaluations are recommended and must be approved by parents. Upon completion of evaluations, an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) team meeting is scheduled. At that meeting, an IEP is developed for students who are identified as having a disability that is adversely impacting his or her ability to learn. Students not identified with a special education designation may still be provided with a plan to assist in meeting their academic needs. This team approach is yet another way Thornton Academy gives students the attention they need to succeed. 

For more information, please contact the Special Education office at: (207) 602-4424

504 Services

Thornton continues to provide a support service for eligible students offered under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Individualized Accommodation Plans are created for qualifying students based on individual needs. The 504 Compliance Coordinator chairs the 504 team that can determine eligibility and appropriate accommodations for an identified student. 

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