TA offers a wide variety of after-school clubs and activities! Meetings for all groups are advertised after the start of school each fall. Listen for these announcements in Septemeber or contact the advisors of groups you are interested in.

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Academic Decathlon

Academic Decathlon is a competition between schools in our state and nationally. There are ten events. Seven are subject area tests: art, economics, language and literature, math, music, science and social science. There is also a speech, an interview, and a written essay. Teams compete in a Super Quiz Relay, which is a bit like a game show. There are three events in Maine each year: a preliminary round, a regional round, and a state tournament. The winning team in the state attends Nationals. Students are divided into competition categories based on their GPAs: Honors, Scholastic, and Varsity. Students receive study materials to prepare for the subject area tests. We have official all-team meetings biweekly, and smaller individual meetings in the alternate weeks. Our team meetings include quiz games, practice and development of public speaking skills, as well as practice interviews.

The experience is a great chance to: enhance knowledge about the world and various academic disciplines; practice the skills necessary to be successful in college and/or in a career; compete against other students across the state to master information on a variety of topics.

Meetings: Every Wednesday at 2 PM in MB 210.

Advisor: Mr. Turley

Action Team

The Action Team volunteers around the community, doing an array of events to help as many people as possible. We work with Volunteers of America, partnering with a local elderly housing unit called the Paul Hazelton House. We volunteer with bingo, parties, board game nights and much more. Action Team members also babysit for the Young School PTO once a month. Meetings: Once a month on Tuesday's in MB 208. Advisors: Mrs. Martin, Mr. J. Morrison, and Ms. Hall.

Anglers' Society

The Thornton Academy Anglers' Society (T.A.A.S.) is open to any student with a passion for fishing. Outings are done regularly both open water and ice fishing. Students learn about conservation, outdoor ethics, and new fishing techniques. This group meets weekly on Wednesdays. Advisor: Mr. Delcourt

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program attracts day students who are excited to connect with TA's international students. Ambassadors attend biweekly meetings, enjoy dinners with dorm students, and plan special events that bring both residential and day kids together. Membership, as well as participation in Ambassador events, is open to all TA students. Click here to download a flyer. Advisor: Ms. Elliott

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global organization with over 3 million supporters worldwide. At TA, Amnesty works together to raise awareness of human rights issues, fundraise, and write letters to governments suspected of human rights abuses. There is a Boston conference, and a New York activism trip. Meetings are held every 2-3 weeks, on Wednesdays or Thursdays in FA 216. Advisor: Mr. Carbone

Animal Rights Group

The Animal Rights Group finds ways to raise money to help local animal shelters, welcomes guest speakers, and hosts movie showings, awareness campaigns, and bake sales. Meetings: Every 3-4 weeks, usually on a Wednesday or Thursday in FA 216. Advisor: Ms. Serrano

Anime Club

The Thornton Academy Anime Club is a group of students who get together to watch all sorts of Anime. The club usually has about 60 members and has a constitution and elected officials and committees. The club also spends most of its energy fundraising for an annual trip to the Anime Boston Convention. You don't need to be an official member to come and watch Anime with us! Meetings: Every Wednesday from 2-4 PM in SB217. Advisor: Mr. Amoroso

Visit the Anime Club's Facebook Page

Art Club

Art Club creates all different kinds of work including painting, pottery, crafts like jewelry & Ukrainian egg decorating, calligraphy, collage work, and community service activities. All students are invited to join us (you don't need to be a current art student). We always start with an after-school snack and typically meet Tuesdays right after school twice a month in FA 118. Advisor: Mrs. Merry and Ms. Thomas

Chinese Club

Chinese Club is a fun way to practice conversational Chinese and learn about Chinese culture. Activities include: cooking lessons, a large Spring Festival, films, and tea ceremonies. Meetings are every other week in MB 007. Advisor: Ms. Chia-Ju Phoebe Hsieh

Classics Club

TA's Classics Club is open to any student who has an interest in any aspect of the worlds of ancient Greece and Rome. Experience with Latin or ancient Greek is not required. Members meet twice a month after school and gather to eat, watch movies, compete in certamina ("contests", mostly academic), and just hang out with folks with similar interests! Favorite activities in the past have been visits to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and participation in the Latin conventions put on twice a year by the Maine Junior Classical League. Advisor: Mr. Koonce

Cycling Club

The TA Cycling Club has done community service at various trails throughout the state over the years. The club has hosted road, mountain, and BMX rides in and around Saco. Join this club for socialization, exercise, cross training, adrenaline rush, and learn about certain bike skills. You must turn in a permission slip and medical form, and your helmet and bicycle must be in good working order. Meetings: 2-3 times per month during first and last quarter of the year. Advisor: Mr. Sylvester

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is a group of 160 singers and no experience is necessary! All are welcome to join and learn to read music and expand vocal range. You never have to sing alone and it is an excellent way to earn the required Fine Arts Credit. Advisor: Mrs. Murray

Debate Team

Hone your debate skills and compete!

Advisors: Mr. Grasso and Mr. Parise

Disaster Relief Club

This club does fundraisers and awareness to benefit those suffering from disasters around the world. Meetings: Every two weeks, usually before school.

Advisor: Ms. Nicketakis

Environmental Club

The goal of the Environmental Club is to promote, practice, and increase awareness of environmental issues. Members are interested in: planting and caring for a school garden, improving recycling rates and composting at TA, getting outside, and acting locally while thinking globally. Club members attended conferences on sustainability, go on outings to clean local beaches, and plant “pink” flower bulbs for breast cancer awareness. Club members determine the direction & projects for the year. Meetings: monthly, usually the first Tuesday of the month. Meetings are listed in the announcements and are held in SB 101. Advisor: Ms. Rausch

Equestrian Club

The Thornton Academy Equestrian Club conducts practices at River Winds Farm, an equestrian facility close to campus. The program is unique to the school and invites students to ride regardless of their experience level. Students ride four days a week with the goal of competing at a horse show. Transportation is provided. Students learn horsemanship skills, grooming, equipment, stable safety and how to care and feed the horses. Students ride both in an arena and on surrounding trails.

Fall session: September - November
Spring session: March - May

River Winds Farm Facility

20 stall barn; Indoor/ outdoor arena; Heated viewing room; Miles of trails; Fun learning environment

For more information contact Krissy Mailman at

French Club

Enjoy making crepes, watching French movies, and particiapting in other activities. All are welcome, even if you're not enrolled in a French class. Meetings: Once a month in FA216. Advisor: Ms. Nicketakis

Gay Straight Transgender Alliance (GSTA)

The GSTA (Gay-Straight-Transgender Alliance) is a group that is open to all students (regardless of their gender or sexual orientation), and we encourage straight students to join to support their LGBTQ classmates. The function of the group depends on the needs and interests of its current members; sometimes the group functions mostly as a support group and safe space for students to discuss issues they have, and sometimes the group takes a more activist role. Essentially, the group for any particular school year becomes whatever its current members need it to be. The group meets one or two times a month in room MB110 and the advisor is always available for students if they have an issue they need to discuss. Advisor: Ms. Hefler (

Meeting Dates (All are on Mondays right after school in room MB110.)

German Club

Whether it’s watching German movies, singing karaoke, or baking tons of delicious cookies at our popular annual holiday cookie baking party, TA’s German Club is doing something exciting after school. All are welcome, even if you aren’t in a German class. Meetings: We meet every other Monday, usually the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month in FA 202. Kommt mit! Advisor: Frau Curtis

INK, TA’s Literary Arts Magazine

INK is a multimedia magazine, published online, that features TA’s finest creative writing, photography, visual art, music reviews, interviews, and more! Our goal is to publish 4 issues of an online magazine spotlighting student submissions and articles about our creative community. Meetings: 1st & 2nd Friday of every month in MB 207.

Advisor: Ms. Barklow and Mr. Mitchell

Visit Our Facebook Page

Interact Club

The TA Interact Club is a community service club sponsored by the Saco Bay Rotary. More than 100 students participate in the club, which volunteers at events such as Mary's Walk, Toys for Tots, Saco Meals program (soup kitchen), and the Children's Winter Carnival. Meetings are held every Tuesday in SB 119 and are very short, allowing you to continue to participate in athletics and other activities. Advisors: Mrs. Wiggin and Mrs. Arenstam

Jazz Combo

Join this club to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of jazz music, in a small setting. The group is usually no more than 12 students. This is a way to improve a musician's jazz repertoire and understanding of improvisation, as it relates to the jazz idiom. Members participate in school concerts, District, Regional and State Jazz competitions, as well as any school/community activities that requires jazz music. Meetings: Generally once a week in FA 105 or FA 107. Advisor: Mr. Dave Stebbins

Math Team

The TA Math Team consists of 30-40 students of all grade levels who participate in different types of competitions. This club has many international students, which makes it a great way to make friends from all over the world who speak the common language of math! There are weekly practices to prepare for upcoming meets, but these meets aren’t mandatory. Many students do Math Team in addition to athletics or other clubs. TA’s team has brought home numerous awards and recognition in the past five years. Meetings: Every Tuesday from 2:15 PM to 3 PM in SB 208. Coach: Ms. Dubovik

Mindfulness Club

Learn how to meditate, be more accepting of yourself and the others, and feel able to slow down. Meetings: Every other Tuesday in MB 210. Advisor: Mr. Turley

Model United Nations

If you are interested in learning about the world, the people who inhabit it, and the countries that govern it, this would be the place for you. This club meets weekly for conversations and learning opportunities for those students who are interested in different countries, governments, cultures, and international relations. This club is open to all grade levels and those students who are interested in an academic club. In addition to after school meetings, students travel to conferences where they hold a Model United Nations simulation. To participate in these conferences does have a cost, which can vary based on the cost of housing, food, and travel. Meetings: Once a week in MB 210. Advisor: Mr. McKenney

Music Appreciation Club

The Music Appreciation Club meets periodically with the intent of broadening students’ musical horizons. Each meeting includes a listening session and discussion about a different piece or pieces of music. Students often choose the musical selections while the instructor moderates conversation. This is a great opportunity for music-lovers to discuss the music they love and to expand their knowledge about different musical styles. Advisor: Mr. Kolmar

Neuroscience Club

Neuroscience Club examines the many fascinating uses and capabilities of the brain. Members will compete in Maine's First Regional Brain Bee at the University of New England against students from Biddeford High School and Kennebunk High School. A study space will be provided once a week. Advisor: Mrs. Cardosi

Read a news story about the Neuroscience Club here:

National Honor Society

NHS serves to honor students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921. An induction ceremony at TA is held every spring. Advisor: Mrs. Wiggin

Pep Band

The TA Pep Band plays at all home football games from the stands: fun music and crowd participation! Practices are Thursday nights from 6-8 pm; everyone is welcome. Advisor: Ms. Witherell-Stebbins

Photo Club

Join this club for photo shooting trips, photographic production and display.

Political Action Group

The Political Action Group is a non-partisan club that helps to connect TA’s interested students with opportunities to become involved in politics on local, state, and national levels. This club will also help participants to understand our current political climate. Meetings in MB111. Advisor: Mr. Kolmar

Retro Video Game Club

The club is designed to learn about the history of video games, to have hands-on experience with antique consoles, to better understand the video game industry and it's role in technological innovation, and to hang out with people who share a passion for video games. Meetings: On Tuesdays after school, three to four times each month in MB 015. Advisor: Mr. Cote

Ribbon Club

Members of the Ribbon Club work to raise awareness and collect donations for cancer research. All money raised goes to either the Maine Cancer Foundation or to support TA families struggling with this disease. Members participate in Mary's Walk and often put on a dance. Meetings: Every Monday in SB 212. Advisor: Mrs. Arenstam

Robotics Club

Join Robotics Club to build and program our TA robot to compete in the FIRST robotics competitions. The group meets almost every day during the build period from early January to early February, and then competes in March and April. Advisor: Mr. Hall

R.S.V.P. (Reducing Sexism and Violence Program)

R.S.V.P. is an anti-bullying club with a mission of fostering empathy and understanding. The club works with high school and middle school students to make healthy connections among peers through classroom presentations and awareness events/campaigns. R.S.V.P. meets in MB111 every Wednesday from 2-3 p.m. Advisors: Mrs. Durkee and Mr. Kolmar

Science Olympiad Team

Science Olympiad Team meets monthly in the fall and weekly through winter and spring to prepare for the statewide competition in March. There are over twenty events to pick from, with lots of room for independent work or teaming up with a friend. Join this club if you are interested in Science, Math, Engineering, or problem solving. Meetings: Once or twice a month in the fall and then once every two weeks during January, February, and March, in SB 111. Advisor: Mr. Carbone

Spanish Club

This club participates in many fun Spanish-related activities like Jeopardy. Meetings: About once a month after school in FA 209.

Advisors: Ms. Fritzsche and Mrs. Wiles

Speech Team

Speech team is an excellent way to become a more confident public speaker. Members compete in tournaments that judge literary merit and delivery (think "competitive theater"). Material may be presented in a variety of forms including poetry, prose, storytelling, and original works. Meetings are Mondays and Wednesdays - from October 1 to February 1 in MB 210. Advisors: Mr. Arenstam and Mr. Hanright

Student Council

Become a Student Council Officer or Representative to help make your four years at TA the best it can be! Activities are varied, from planning community service efforts like food drives to decorating for dances to volunteering to help at TA events like the Children’s Winter Carnival, Homecoming, Christmas Families Project, Spring Fling, Quarters for a Smile, and Teacher Appreciation. Meetings: Most Thursdays in MB 208. Elections are for officers only. Advisors: Ms. Lasante and Mrs. Martin

Student Media Team

Thornton's student-driven Media Team members are the eyes and ears of Thornton Academy! From pep rallies to football games to art events, there are endless opportunities to document high school life. Students work with the Marketing & Communications office to come up with a plan that best suits their schedules. Assignments may take place during or after school, and possibly on the weekends. Interested students should submit a portfolio of their best work and provide a teacher recommendation.

Advisors: Ms. Emma Deans and Ms. Tricia Erikson

Sunday River Ski Club

Join TA's Sunday River Ski Club to visit the mountain 4 Saturdays in January and February. Ski Club not only offers discounted lift tickets, but rentals and lesson packages as well. Enjoy a relaxing time with friends shredding powder on the mountain. The sign-up period will be in December of each school year. Hope to see you there! Advisors: Mrs. Snyder and Mr. Heiman.

TA Arts Camp for Kids and TA Summer Arts for Teens

Former Campers that enjoy working with children are encouraged to apply to volunteer as Junior Staff for the Summer Arts Camp for Kids. It is a great way to serve your community! Teenagers can take arts courses in the summer that may not fit into their busy school year class load through the TA Summer Arts for Teens.

Advisor: Ms. Thomas

TA Players

The TA Players produce four shows every year:

The Fall Play – three nights. Every other year the Fall play is a Shakespeare production.

The One-Act Competitive Play – two nights. One Acts take place in March every year and are competitive through the Maine Principles Association and The Maine Drama Council. Regional finalists move on to compete at the State Competition, and possibly on to the New England festival.

The Spring Musical – four nights each spring. The Musical has become part of the Thornton and Saco community tradition.

Student Written Play Night – two nights in June. Each year the Players produce six or seven student written one-act plays. Shows are typically cast and directed by the student writers.

The club also has taken trips to local shows, and has even seen Shakespeare in London!

Technical Theater work is also a large part of the TA Players: set construction, lighting, props, and stage crew.

The theater season typically begins the second week of school with Fall Play Auditions and continues throughout the entire school year. Rehearsal is typically every day after school from 2-5 p.m.

How to join: look for announcements and audition materials on the first day of school in the Theater/Music hallway. All are welcome, but know that auditions can be competitive. The Players strive to be inclusive and make few cuts. It is possible to be involved in sports and still be involved in the productions.

Advisor: Mr. Hanright


Mondays after school you can join the TATV Club in room FA 141. This group: learns how to produce high quality videos, tapes TATV arts events & sports, learns about new technologies, broadcasts live events, and uses the Green Screen and graphics. Come and join our exciting club and learn how to make great videos, and maybe get on TV! Advisors: Mr. Christenbury and Mr. Pulsifer

Visit TATV's Livestream account:

Visit TATV's YouTube Channel:

Tabletop Gaming Cub

The Tabletop Gaming Club welcomes all students. The games we play range from card games to board games to games like Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons. If you like meeting fun and interesting people and/or are interested in playing games, come check us out! Meetings are held Tuesday and Thursday 2:00 to 4:00 in SB 207. Advisors: Mr. Temkiewicz, Mr. Smith and Mr. Amoroso

W.A.G.E.R. (Women & Gender Equal Rights Club)

The is a group open to all, young women and young men, and supportive faculty members, that focuses both on discussion amongst club members and how to make our world a better place regarding issues of gender equality. Activities include gender equality awareness campaigns & leadership training in gender equality. Meetings: 2nd & 4th Monday of the month in MB 207.

Advisors: Ms. Barklow and Frau Curtis

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