Jessica Cardosi: Teaching biochemistry in a new laboratory
Posted 11/12/2015 05:47PM

Honors Biology faculty Jessica Cardosi knew during her junior year of high school that she wanted to become a science teacher. Now she’s leading Thornton students through their first experiment in biochemistry.  

“I feel incredibly lucky to be in one of the new STEM laboratories—it’s a beautiful, large, and modern room. Students are currently using indicators to detect the presence of organic macromolecules in various foods. The goal is for students to make and test predictions about which foods contain the compounds we have been learning about in class. Labs are a great way to make abstract concepts more concrete. Each student has their own iPad and I have my students use them every day. I project my own iPad or laptop screen to the Apple TV so students can follow along with me. The new lab furniture is also on wheels, so the room can be easily reconfigured for different work stations, when necessary.

“There are so many different science course offerings at Thornton that allow students to explore all of the disciplines. The teachers are enthusiastic and generous. It’s awesome to be a part of such a supportive group of colleagues who genuinely care about the education and wellbeing of their students.”

This article by Patricia Erikson was previously published in Postscripts.

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