Meet Ben '23

Hello! My Name is Ben Moore and I have attended Thornton Academy since freshman year and it has been quite a ride, to say the least. For the first two years of my high school career, I, and my other TA classmates dealt with the COVID pandemic. Despite these challenges, TA has offered me a vast amount of opportunities. I could not be more grateful for this. I have gotten to explore my wide range of interests such as technical theater, fishing, Model United Nations, Library Board, and many others. 

The teachers and staff who run these activities and great classes have also been a great part of my journey at Thornton Academy. Daily, they demonstrate care for all their students, trust in the educational process, and expertise in their field. The friends I have made have also been a major part of my journey here at TA.

In addition to the great community, Thornton Academy offers a wide range of classes for anyone at any skill level. Personally, I have had the chance to pursue an independent study, take AP Human Geography, as well as many other great, difficult, and meaningful classes. 

It’s because of all those great factors that I will be able to look back at my high school days with a smile and pride. If you are looking for a place to apply yourself and reach for greatness in a supportive environment then Thornton Academy is the place for you.

--Ben Moore ‘23

My favorite Thornton Academy Moments

a student in math class

In this photo, I am in my math class which is an area of study that I have always struggled with. Yet despite this, I was able to enroll the honors level class this year. My teacher last year pushed me to strive for greatness which helped me become successful!

Here at Thornton Academy we have some serious school spirit even if you are not a sports kid! The school spirit can be seen all over campus. In this photo you can see me and my friends at the blackout football game which happens yearly and is a highlight for many.

view from a canoe

One of the great things about Thornton Academy is the fact that we have the chance to enjoy the beautiful state of Maine. In the photo above you can see the view from a canoe used during a fishing trip held by the Anglers Society - our fishing club on campus.

Another club that I do is Model United Nations. This club allows myself and the other members to attend conferences where we represent nations and debate political topics. I love that Thornton Academy provides so many opportunities for international engagement. 

Every year, Thornton Academy hosts a TEDx event on campus. This year I got the courage to do a speech. I love hearing different perspectives from the other students and teachers. 

students meeting in the library

At TA I am part of numerous clubs. One of my favorites is the student library advisory board, a club for book lovers to discuss books and ways to improve the library. In the photo above you can see a few members of the board discussing and planning an event to celebrate banned books. 

I am proud to have nearly completed my Eagle Scout project.I worked on a system for volunteers to be able to help out with beach cleanups by having litter buckets ready for individuals to be able to pick up litter and then return the bucket. Keeping our environment clean is a priority for me. 

Covid started in the middle of my freshman year and kept going strong for my sophomore year. During this time, classes were taught using the hybrid model which led to my bedroom becoming a second classroom. Despite this new style the teachers was still able to keep classes fun and engaging.

The teachers at Thornton Academy are great! I've gotten particularly close to our school librarian Mrs. Johnston. She's always there to help me find a good book, help me with research for a project, or have a philosophical discussion. I spend my free blocks in the library where I help her keep the space organized and tidy. 

picking up trash on a beach

Community service is very important to Thornton Academy students. I love the outdoors and appreciate the natural beauty in our local area, so in the photo above you can see me doing my part so that others can enjoy the great Maine outdoors, too. 

At Thornton Academy, I am the lighting guy for our drama program! At the end of every year we gather to honor the students and teachers who have taken part in our fine arts program each year: in our drama program, dance company, or any other programs the art department had to offer. Here I am posing with my significant other. 

Latin is often an overlooked language due to it being "dead" yet it's alive and well in Mrs. Cody's classroom! Thornton Academy offers seven world languages: Latin, Ancient Greek, Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish, and German.

students pose during a hike