Activism clubs

amnesty international

Dedicated to working for human rights? Join Amnesty International! It is a global organization with over 3 million supporters worldwide. At Thornton Academy, Amnesty works to raise awareness of human rights, fundraise, and write letters to governments suspected of human rights abuses.

Advisor: TBD

animal rights group

The Animal Rights Group works to raise money for local animal shelters and other organizations. They also work to raise awareness of how animals are treated in our society and how we can treat them with respect.

Advisor: TBD

Black student union

Black Student Union welcomes all interested to come and join us as we create a safe space for all students to be open and have dialogue, as well as to discuss how race affects us in our daily lives.

Advisor: TBD

Civil rights team

The Thornton Academy Civil Rights Team’s focus is to initiate projects that engage our school community in thinking and talking about issues related to race and skin color, national origin and ancestry, religion, disabilities, gender (including gender identity and expression) and sexual orientation. 

Advisor(s): TBD

community leaders club

Members of CLC have the goal of growing empathy and understanding in the school and wider communities. We conduct workshops at Thornton Academy as well as other local schools to fight bullying. The club hosts a guest speaker once a month to discuss social injustices and devotes time to finding ways to advocate for marginalized communities. We have a great time and try to make healthy connections with other kids at school through classroom presentations and awareness events/campaigns.


Gay Straight Transgender Alliance

The Gay Straight Transgender Alliance (GSTA) is a group open to all students, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation and we encourage straight students to join to support their LGBTQ classmates. The function of the group depends on the needs and interests of its current members; sometimes the group functions mostly as a support group and safe space for students to discuss issues they have, and sometimes the group takes a more activist role. The advisor is always available for students if they have an issue they need to discuss.

Advisor(s): TBD

Sexuality and gender equality

SAGE (Sexuality And Gender Equality) is a club that promotes gender equality at TA and supports students of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We run awareness campaigns about issues facing LGBTQ+ students and promote healthy relationships in our annual Consent Week. We also provide free period products in restrooms at TA..


TED club

Members of the TED club watch important TED talks and organize an annual TEDx event on campus at Thornton Academy. 


Unified Club

Unified Club is a club for students with and without intellectual disabilities that comes together for sports, games, community service, school events, and most of all, to have fun! We promote INCLUSION and welcome all to attend.


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