Service clubs

student council

Become a Student Council Officer or Representative to help make your four years at Thornton Academy the best they can be! Activities are varied, from planning community service efforts like food drives to decorating for dances to volunteering to help at community events like the Children’s Winter Carnival.

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National honor society

Open to seniors by invitation only, this club seeks to make Thornton Academy a better school. They offer tutoring and provide support for new students through an orientation day, tours, and friendship.


TA Tour Guides

Help welcome prospective students and families to Thornton Academy! TA Tour Guides give campus tours, connect with students on email and social media, and help out at open houses and fairs. Share your live of Thornton Academy with students and families who have yet to discover our school. 


Action Team

Volunteer around the community and school with Action Team. We work with Volunteers of America & the Major League Baseball Players Trust partnering with the Paul Hazelton House, a local elderly housing unit. Events include playing bingo with residents, serving dinner, throwing holiday parties, and more. In addition, members volunteer at Young School to babysit for the PTO once a month. Come and volunteer, it makes your heart feel good! Remember: “Together anything is possible.”


ambassador club

Become an ambassador in the TA Ambassador Program to foster friendships and encourage cultural exchanges. We organize fun activities that bring day and residential students together. We meet twice each month, typically on Wednesday at 5:00pm and then ambassadors are welcome to stay for dinner with the international students. 

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interact club

The Thornton Academy Interact Club is a Saco Bay Rotary-sponsored youth service organization for high school students. Interact students are involved in myriad volunteer activities in school, in the community, and internationally. Each year the club volunteers countless hours for events such as Mary's Walk, Toys for Tots, Saco Meals program, Dyer Museum activities, Saco Spirit activities, Children's Winter Carnival, Operation Christmas Child, and many more. 


ribbon club

Members of the Ribbon Club work to raise funds to support members of the community fighting cancer and fund cancer research. Past activities include T-shirt sales, school dances, and bake sales. The club has made financial contributions to community members as well as to the Maine Cancer Foundation.  

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