Meet Eden '23

Hello! My name is Eden Harriman and I’ve been a part of the TA community since middle school, and I have loved it since! TA has so much to offer its students, from a chance to explore the arts to joining a club to playing on a sports team to making lifelong friends. I couldn’t be more grateful for the time I’ve spent here.

My journey with the Thornton Academy community started in 6th grade. Even in middle school, the teachers and staff were so kind and caring to everyone that I immediately felt welcome. That feeling has stayed with me these past 6 years, and I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the support and kindness of my teachers and friends, so thank you all!

It’s because of Thornton Academy that I’ve grown my love of musical theater, choreography, singing, reading, and the violin. Here I was given the opportunity to expand my technique and knowledge in ways I couldn’t have done anywhere else, and I couldn’t be more grateful that I had those experiences. From being in the ensemble of the musicals, to playing in the school orchestra, to creating the Student Library Advisory Board with one of my favorite people on campus, I’ve gotten to truly understand how important the arts are to the world and how much creativity and passion can connect people to each other.

I’ve also gotten to know people who share my same interests and are just as energetic as me. It’s absolutely amazing to have people in your life who you can deeply connect with and understand, and TA has helped me meet those people.

TA has made me who I am today, and I hope that after reading this, you’ll want to join our community and grow alongside us. I will forever be grateful for the memories I’ve made here, and I hope that you’ll want to make some too.

Eden Harriman ‘23

My favorite Thornton Academy Moments

I’ve been playing the violin since 3rd grade. It’s one of my biggest passions, and having the opportunity to play in a school orchestra has really helped me to grow as a musician. Most other schools don’t offer an orchestra program, so the fact that TA gives musicians the option to play in one is really special.

a student smiles outside in the quad

One of my favorite parts of TA is the campus. In the spring and fall, the campus is so gorgeous with the changing leaves and green everywhere. Whenever it’s nice enough outside, I’ll always try to walk to my classes outside so I can experience the beauty of the campus.

middle school students pose with paintings they made

I’ve been a part of the TA community since middle school, when I went to TAMS. This is a picture of me with some of my friends in art class. I met so many amazing people in middle school that I’m still friends with today.

students work together in physics class

Everyone at TA is very welcoming and kind. They are always willing to help with work and join in on conversations, which really helps with group projects and class discussions. We are all willing to hear out each other’s opinions and politely debate over the best way to accomplish the task at hand.

two girls pose on campus

At the end of every musical, the Drama Club holds a Cast party where we dress up in costumes and hang out with each other. It was one of my favorite moments from last year, and it made me realize how important being together in-person with my friends was. I didn’t realize how important the arts community was to me until I couldn’t be a part of it.

a student speaks at a podium on stage

In middle school, I was asked to MC one of the Honors Awards ceremonies. Every quarter, TAMS comes together to celebrate the students who did well academically and celebrate the school as a whole. Being able to MC this event was a great experience for me, because it taught me how to be a good public speaker and how amazing the school community was as a whole.

a student reads a book in the library

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes and the TA library is the best place on campus. I’ve rarely felt more comfortable, included, and safe in any other space. Mrs. Johnston, the librarian, is absolutely amazing at catering to all of the students’ desires for books and knowledge, and she is one of my favorite people at TA. So a quick shoutout to her and the Library Board we created, thank you!

students dance on stage during a performance

Last year, TA out on the musical Smokey Joe’s Cafe. I was one of the featured dancers and we performed On Broadway, one of the hardest dances in the show. Musical theater at TA has really helped me to expand my dance technique and grow into a more expressive and powerful dancer. If I could do that show again, I would.

a student reads a novel in English class

English has always been one of my favorite classes. It’s one of the few places where I feel comfortable enough to discuss topics with both my classmates and my teacher, and know that by the time I leave I will have learned something valuable. I have loved every English teacher I’ve had at TA, because they’ve made my high school experience that much more fun.

having fun at the holiday extravaganza

I love being a part of the TA community because of its welcoming atmosphere and caring people. In 8th grade, I volunteered at the Holiday Events at TAMS by helping little kids make magic reindeer dust. Getting to see their smiles made my whole day!

three girls in fancy dresses

Another event put on by the Arts community is the Academy Awards. Seniors from all forms of the arts community (band, orchestra, dance, theater, art classes) come together to get awards for their achievements. It’s our version of the celebrity Academy Awards. Last year was my first time going and I had a blast!

students listen to a speaker on stage

John Cariani, a Broadway actor, came to visit the Drama club two years ago and talk to us about the art of theater. His visit and the opportunities I got in the Drama club really helped me to expand my knowledge of musical theater and how amazing it is.

students at the national honor society induction ceremony