Student Support Services

We support you. Whoever you are, whatever you need, we will do our best to help you be your best.

Thornton Academy has a comprehensive system in place to help students identify areas of concern and support students in finding success. The Student Services Team is comprised of school counselors, deans, social workers, special education faculty, school nurses, and other support professionals. Teachers and members of the Student Services Team work closely to help each student build a positive academic experience and continue to progress. Students and/or parents concerned about academic performance should speak to to the student's teacher and/or a school counselor who may suggest interventions or alternative actions to help with progress in classes.

Our focus is not just one type of student that has one type of goal.  We're here for everyone.  We are attentive to the needs of students of every ability, of every background, of every need.

carol taranko '92, senior director of school administration

Student Services at Thornton Academy

Teacher and student working together