Pillars Scholarship

Thornton Academy is pleased to announce The Pillars Scholarship!

The Thornton Academy Middle School (TAMS) Pillars Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship program for newly-enrolling day students entering grade 6, 7 & 8. Thornton Academy will award four scholarships to qualified students who demonstrate our Four Pillars:

Respect, Responsibility, Investment, Compassion

The Pillars Scholarship is awarded to exceptional students, regardless of financial need. 

Scholarship Details

The Pillars Scholarship has designated requirements for eligibility and is renewable each year a student is enrolled in good standing at TAMS. Applicants for the scholarship must demonstrate outstanding character in addition to a stellar academic record. Students who do not receive the Pillars Scholarship may apply for financial aid. 

In order to be considered, applicants must submit their application and the required scholarship video to TAMS by April 15.

Scholarship video details:

Submit a YouTube link to an original video to admissions@thorntonacademy.org adhering to the following criteria:

  • Create an original video (maximum 3 minutes in length)
  • Use only your first name in the video
  • Tell us why you believe you embody all the characteristics required of the scholarship winner

Please note: If a student does not have access to YouTube, he or she may submit a supplemental essay addressing the above criteria. By submitting your video, you agree that Thornton Academy can use the video for promotional purposes. 

Watch a winning scholarship video!

Meet our Pillars Scholars

head shot of a winner of the pillars scholarship

"A person who has influenced me is my third grade teacher. She wouldn’t let anyone stop her from being herself. She taught me to never change who you are because of someone else’s opinion.”

-Sophia Bogardus '25

headshot of previous winner of the pillars scholarship

"Evan treats everyone with respect and fairness and will speak out to help others. He assumes responsibility well, excels both in and out of the classroom, and is an inspiration to his classmates.” 

--the fifth grade teacher of Evan Hill '25

previous winner of the pillars scholarship

"I go to town council meetings, I love to know what’s going on. In my life I have so many things I am responsible for and I always try to make sure that I have my homework assignments completed. I listen when the teachers are talking, I’m open to others’ opinions and ideas, and make sure to include everyone.”

--Caroline Stratis '23

previous winner of the pillars scholarship

I care about my friends and I never leave kids out. To me being respectful is being a good listener for your teachers. I am great at listening. I am very invested in school. I like being invested in school, and I will love being a part of TAMS.”

--Parker Snell '25